Half the Battle is Deciding

This top has been finished for quite a while. Once set aside, it seems a project gets further and further out of mind.

Loop 'd Loop top

It is the project from Latifah Saffir’s workshop, Designing with Bias, that I attended last summer.  (Previous posts here, here, here, and here.)

When I would get it out, I’d ponder quilting and then put it away again.  Gradually I got the ideas for the wishbone on the sashing and the various motifs between the strips of bias. But what to do with the loop section remained elusive.  The shapes of the background did not invite various motifs as did the strips.  And besides it seemed that variety might distract from the loops themselves.

I considered echoing, but that too seemed daunting and not necessarily effective. Of course once I got the winning idea, I wondered why it had taken so long. It seemed so obvious. And doable.

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At first I balked at crossing all those bias lines, then realized I could do the tight-stitch knotting up to the bias, advance past the bias, then make a couple more tight stitches to anchor the thread and continue the lines, trimming later. Two blocks finished, two to go.

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9 responses to “Half the Battle is Deciding

  1. I got to meet the talented Latifah Saffir last month and took a mini class with her! Congrats on progressing with your piece (perfect quilting design for the piece) and yes deciding can be a bear!

  2. Someone else who crosses unquilted areas with an uncut thread! Glad I’m not the only one who regards this as a sensible shortcut rather than something not quite correct, and perhaps something the quilt police should look into… It’s looking good, and yes, I think you’ve chose the perfect quilting design.

  3. It’s looking really great! It’s easy to look at someone else’s quilting and think, “Of course that’s the right way to finish this piece,” without really understanding all the pondering that went on in the background. But you’re so right, it’s at least half the battle to make that decision. And if you’re like me, a lot of that pondering and wondering and mind wandering happens while falling asleep each night 🙂

  4. dezertsuz

    Oh, actually, that’s not as obvious at first as it is after you see it! I, too, was thinking, what to do, what to do. LOL I remember when you made this, and I was wondering then how you’d quilt it. Excellent choices!

  5. Cher Smith

    love your pondering and decision on how to tackle those areas, looks wonderful !!!

  6. Claire, this is an amazing piece! I love how you’re quilting it. Sometimes we just need some time to percolate the quilting before we can move on. Keep moving forward!

  7. What a fun piece! That must have been an amazing class with Latifah – I have several of her patterns in my ‘to-make’ pile. I’m loving what you are doing with the quilting.

  8. I would have been really challenged to come up with a quilting motif for that one! I like yours and I’m glad I didn’t have to figure it out 🙂

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