1970s: A Trip Down Memory Lane

I guess the “memory lane” applies only to some of us; all readers aren’t 40+ years old. LOL

Barbara Brackman has suggested using quilt contests as a way to get a snap shot of what was popular at the time of the event. Definitely worth a look on the 40th anniversary of a Good Housekeeping contest won by Ginny Beyer.


I am intrigued by Brackman’s conclusion: noting the dominance of white background and solid fabrics, she asks whether tastes cycle around.  I am sure they do. And yet, no one would confuse these quilts with modern quilts.

Click and enjoy



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5 responses to “1970s: A Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. That was a fun link to look at! I got a laugh out of how they referred to her as “Mrs. Jinny Beyer”. $2500 was a lot of money to win in 1978!

  2. quilt32

    Thank you for sharing – fun reading.

  3. Betty Colburn

    Thank you for this post. A quick review via iPhone does not do the material justice. In 1978 I was too busy being a new working mother to make quilts. Maybe I was waiting for machine quilting to become acceptable.

  4. Fun post. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Holy cats! I saved that article for YEARS and I’m pretty sure I discarded it only in the past 10 years. And I think even those under 40 recall the “good old days”, e.g., back when flying was fun before 9/11.

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