“Water Is Life” top finished

Whew! I got the top finished in time to enter it. It retains some of the ideas in the sketch (here) Given the shortened time frame, I needed to simplify some more, so the “foam” went. I made a mistake,so the deep purple went (I was sad to lose it). And the “foreground greenery” went because no fabric that I had looked right. I didn’t overlap any of the circles because I wimped out.

Water is Life top

You may remember I wanted to draw some attention to the letter bubbles, but not too much.  I thought a little light and shadow might do it. I had already made the circle templates and didn’t want to make a new set (not the best of criteria for design decisions). I thought of free handing some curve to the colors to be added, but wimped out.  I decided a straight line wouldn’t hurt.  But it kinda made the circles look like eyeballs or space ships. And without the “foam” they don’t seem to be splashes from the waterfall, as originally intended. Oh well, maybe they are something else relevant. I do like the aqua against the lavender that I’d not have had if I’d gone with the foam.

This is the first time I’ve inserted circles onto a whole (almost finished) top instead of into blocks. Others have done it, so I knew it was a possibility.  I won’t rush to do it again (until the next design that requires it). Managing the bulk of the top while sewing the circle is so much more awkward than handling a block (in addition to the stress factor of cutting holes in the almost finished top).

I will admit to holding my breath each time I got to the end of the circle seam. The first four fit perfectly. And of course the stress level rises with each finished one–can’t ruin it now please, as I sew the next one. The fifth wanted to make a tuck at the end. I checked and saw that my seam had dipped in on the circle piece about 1/16-1/8 inch for about 6 inches.  I ripped that and tried again. When the two seam lines met exactly, the circle fit the hole. Breathing a sigh of relief there, I was!

The finished product isn’t due till May 31.  I think I’ll continue on with making the back and quilting it so I don’t have any more last minute panic.

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9 responses to ““Water Is Life” top finished

  1. The circles work well for me because they look like floating bubbles, each reflecting a tiny microcosm of the green and blue earth, and the combination of those colours with the lilac and lavender background is lovely. Gaia blows bubbles to entertain her children…

  2. The top turned out great! The circles remind me of the splashing bubbles of the waterfall.

  3. Wow, you are very brave to cut holes in your quilt to inset circles! They look so nice and flat. Congrats on getting your top finished in time. I like the aqua against the lavender, too.

  4. dezertsuz

    I’m thinking water drops, not bubbles, but either way, it works! It’s a waterfall with western mountains in the background in the purple!

  5. That is amazing that you were so brave to insert circles for the first time on a quilt for a show. Of course you always seem brave and you appear to stretch yourself creatively – I admire that! (glad you did not pass out holding your breath, ha!) The colors are wonderful and looking forward to seeing it quilted! Congrats!

  6. Betty Colburn

    I think this one has good possibilities for the quilting. I’m looking forward to seeing it finished.

  7. Cher Smith

    well done! hope to see it in person!

  8. My first thought was bubbles as well! Fabulous fabric and interesting design!

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