The Next Four

I finished the last four baby quilts just in time to get them to guild for the fire fighters’ pick up for Toy and Joy. The guild has given 2044 this year. (Membership is around 300.) Earlier quilts are two posts back.

The first two are made from larger scrap left overs, but they both needed additions.

a aqua brown

(I’ll trim the empty space when I have my photo program again–and have time. Done!) The blue print is a batik of little baby feet. I try for at least a few kid friendly fabrics.

a pink and fern


This quilt gets its kid friendliness on the back with this cute bear-print flannel.

I used all I had mixed with left over green and blue checked pieces. The yellow in the photo is green IRL.

The last two were made from a mix of 6-inch squares. My first consideration was alternating lights and darks.

a multi-bridge in corner

a multi owls



Some of the darks aren’t very dark–just darker than the squares beside them.

Since I was running out of darks i repeated more than I would have liked. I spread them around as much as possible. I also made sure “stand out” colors–yellow and that bright green–were spread evenly.

I quilted with a light tan 50-weight Aurofil thread; it blended with the lights and will sink into the darks after the quilts are washed.

I used a meander for each; it worked well except on prints with a high proportion of dark background.

I had this square finished before I realized the problem. So I tried for the look of water on the rest.

The 4 squares in these quilts are the very last of my bridge fabric. I hate to see it gone.

ETA: 1603 were picked up at the December meeting; the rest had trickled in over the year. And joining Confessions of a Fabric Addict for a Whoop Whoop



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7 responses to “The Next Four

  1. I can see why you’re sorry to see the last of the bridge fabric, it’s lovely. Always sad when you use up the very last scrap of something you’ve loved, but this is such a good use for it, and a clever solution you’ve come up with for the quilting, too.

  2. Nice job! Wow, that’s a lot of quilts from your guild, even with 300 members!

  3. Great to see and an inspiration. Sometime we spend so much time on the piecing and design that we/I don’t finish things up and I forget how much fun the quilting part is and added to the project. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Cher Smith

    Way to make your deadline! great quilts and children will love them I am sure. using up the last of a fabric however beloved is also a milestone!

  5. That bridge fabric is pretty darn cool! Your guild is amazing with all the donation quilts it does (and you are amazing too!!!)

  6. dezertsuz

    That is a lot of donations from each member. Your contributions here are so huggable, and will certainly be loved! I don’t think anyone will care that the dark shows the meander, really. What a great job the guild, and you, have done this year!

  7. Some very practical quilts, sometimes the simple things (like squares and stipple) are the best. Wonderful donations.

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