First time for posting with iPhone app. But my computer decided not to charge so it is at the shop.

I went to Pioneer Courthouse Square for a vigil where the Raging Grannies sang.

Although the topics were anti-Islamophobia and welcoming refugees, there were speeches against the US declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, speeches by Christian ministers and Jewish rabbis.

Hanukkah was represented by the candle posters.

While there I got a photo of the BIG Christmas tree. Some year I’ll get to the lighting ceremony, but I haven’t yet.

Everything appears to be working except I don’t see how to categorize and tag.

ETA WordPress conveniently posted instructions today (12/13/17) for categories and tags on the apps.



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4 responses to “Experimenting

  1. Looks like it worked very well using the iPhone app! I might try it myself in the future. I think it is okay you did not categorize or tag – you can always fix that later. I love how socially conscious and involved you are. 🙂

  2. Great shots with your phone, and a perfectly satisfactory layout and appearance. Good as a fall-back if posting on your laptop is what you prefer; I couldn’t do without the photo manipulation and layout options I get on my Mac laptop, and in any case, my so-called Smart phone isn’t really that smart or that big that I’d want to post on it. So bravo you 🙂

  3. Computers, including phones, are great when they work! It’s amazing how quickly we’ve come to expect so much!

  4. dezertsuz

    Do I dare ask who the Raging Grannies are? LOL There were Jewish rabbis talking against recognizing Jerusalem? What kind of vigil was it? I mean for what?

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