Toy and Joy Time

Toy and Joy month snuck up on me, and I hadn’t prepared ahead even though I always think I will start early. The only start I had was the tops for two doll quilts that were my leaders and enders at a summer retreat. These are now finished.

They are made from mini charm packs that we got in swag.  Bordered they are ~16 x 16. The quilting doesn’t show well in the photos. The brownish one is diagonal lines and the blue one concentric circles.  However, I don’t recommend the circle quilting for a quilt that has been stitched to the back and turned.  Even with a walking foot, the fabric bunched up.  I don’t think the doll or child will mind this time, but I’d not do it again. The backs are minky fabric, and I still haven’t used up the leftovers. So I guess I’ll be making doll quilts next year till it is gone.

However, I’ve shifted my focus to the baby quilts because of the fire fighters running out last year. Seems the need is greater for them.  The baby quilts are used beyond Toy and Joy time when fire fighters have to remove babies from burning homes.

So I have one finished and four more tops ready to sandwich and quilt.

baby 1

Over the year I’d cut scraps into various sized squares.  These are the 6 1/2 inch squares that easily make a 36 x 36 quilt. I use the term “scrap” somewhat loosely to include fairly large left over pieces that could be called yardage. But if I have no further planned use for them, they are scraps to me. That is how I get many matching squares–however almost never the requisite 18. Quilting is a simple meander.

Linking with the Friday finish blogs and Oh Scrap (buttons in sidebar) and Let’s Make Baby Quilts. Now excuse me while I get back to finishing the last 4.



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7 responses to “Toy and Joy Time

  1. Cute doll quilts, they will be well loved by lucky little ones. And that’s a nice idea on the baby quilts. I’ve been cutting up my scraps for charity quilts too, and I’m always looking for more ways to use them up.

  2. “I don’t recommend the circle quilting for a quilt that has been stitched to the back and turned.” Caught my eye as I’m thinking of doing a turned finish for a quilt soon. But then I saw the backing for both was minky – very interesting that it worked okay for the straight lines. What is the largest quilt you have turned as a finish? My piece fits square on the top of a queen bed – the complication is the top is made with denim pieces….. I was trying to avoid binding. Thanks! Love the fabric on the earth toned piece – you made great choices on placement!

    • anudge

      I cut my backs to my baby quilts at least an 1 1/2″ bigger than the front. Then quilt as usual except end the quilt 1/2″ from the edges. Place the quilt with the back toward me, I fold the backing away and trim off any excess batting. Then I true up the backing to 1″ on all four sides. I then fold and press the “binding” (which is the back) in half. I then fold and press the binding toward the front and stitch down making mitered corners as usual. Whole lot easier than the other way to bind.

  3. Ah! You gave me an idea – I got a couple mini charm packs that people gave me as gifts or I got in a swag pack. They are currently just gathering dust but I could make a doll quilt! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  4. anudge

    I do the same with scrap yardage. If I have width of fabric pieces I make a tube quilt to get the design in your last photo. Great job. You will be blessed.

  5. That’s a little worrisome to think of babies being rescued from fires. I hope that doesn’t happen much. Great that you can make such loving quilts for them.

  6. What a wonderful task–to make quilts for firefighters to give out. But there is a large part of me that sincerely hopes they aren’t needed often. It breaks my heart to think that they ran out last year.

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