Many Peoples’ Scraps and a New Leader-Ender Project

I brought home one kit that I put together from the pieces remaining at the end of the recent Sunshine Retreat.  And I’ve been itching to see what it will produce. So I laid the pieces out and did my usual rearranging thing and ended up with this:

Omaha arrangement

These squares and rectangles came from the offerings of many Sunshine members who started cutting their scraps as soon as the block pattern was announced. While selecting, I’d decided on a floral theme. First I pulled all the BIG floral squares. There were not 24–it was near the end and the piles had been picked over many times.  So I added medium size and then small. Finally I added the monochrome green and I had my 24. After selecting the big squares, it was just a case of finding colors that would work for the other parts.

I debated between making blocks and then arranging or arranging from parts since I could. I chose the latter, the better to switch colors of the big square around without ending up with with smaller pieces where I didn’t want them.

Having decided on this arrangement, I’ve now gathered the squares by row and labeled them so that when I am ready to sew, I can just start sewing. No more planning and re-plannng. No forgetting what I had in mind should significant time pass.

On another note, Leader-Ender projects.  I’ve had only short ones lately, relatively without a project goal. Just assembling parts that await future inspiration. But Deanna of Wedding-Dress Blue has come to the rescue with Irish Stars. Maybe you’ll want to play too.

I’ll try to remember to link with other scrap projects, one (Oh Scrap!) is in the sidebar. The other, Scrap Happy deserves that you check it monthly on the 15th.


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6 responses to “Many Peoples’ Scraps and a New Leader-Ender Project

  1. magpiesue

    Wow, you’ve pulled together a pretty cohesive looking top from the dregs of the scrap baskets! Going to check out that leader-ender QAL, it might be useful to me too.

  2. Sometimes you just have to leave it alone and walk away from it! I’m an incorrigible fiddler with arrangements, so in a poor position to talk, but this is looking good.

  3. dezertsuz

    Your layout looks good to me, and you have a picture to help if anything gets out of place. It makes a lovely Sunshine quilt.

  4. You had me at the title “many people’s scraps” lol. You know I have a thing about fabric scraps 🙂
    I like your piece in progress – the colors work well together and look serene and happy!

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  6. This is a lovely assortment of fabrics and you’ve arranged those beautifully 🙂

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