Four Blocks in the Bias Project

I thought I’d be finished with the blocks at this point.

four bias 1

But now I am thinking the dark green is rather stranded. And some of the spaced between the center lines seem too wide. So maybe some dark green stripes?

i think I’ll try 1/4 inch bias. (Most in the design are 3/8; the wide strip is 3/4.) I’ll try a very small piece so that there isn’t much to rip out if it is too hard to work with.

The 3/8 surprised me by handling much easier than the 3/4-inch. I also bought a 2-inch bias maker, but don’t know what I’ll use it for. When I figure it out, I’ll be ready.

Also, I am rethinking the yellow checkerboard sashing. It sounded good in the abstract, but looking at this, I now think it would be distracting.

Has it ended up “modern” or “primitive”?

Early posts, in case you missed them, are here and here.

Tomorrow I’ll link with Move it Forward Monday (button in sidebar).


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3 responses to “Four Blocks in the Bias Project

  1. My thought is a hybrid of modern and primitive!

  2. Yes, when some element is stranded, there are two good solutions. One is to remove it, and one is to repeat it. I like the spacing of the strips, but adding some dark green that way might work great. As to yellow sashing, you can try it to see if you like the effect (cut strips and lay them out, or lay out a big piece of fabric and put the blocks on top.) It’s an easy way to audition that and anything else you might want to try.

  3. dezertsuz

    It doesn’t look stranded to me, but you are the one giving this beating. I agree, no checkerboard – unless you used a lot of neutrals with an occasional very, very light yellow. Maybe. Since I went to quilt con, I have more ideas about categories. I’d call it Modern Primitive. LOL I really think it’s more modern than anything else.

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