Threads of Resistance Links

The Threads of Resistance list of traveling quilts has been posted. (No, Deregulation is not in it.) Here is the link for those who want to “see” the traveling show online.

And a reminder, here is the link for those who want to see all 500+ entries.

And for those lucky enough to live where the show will be and want to see it live, here is a link to the show schedule.


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4 responses to “Threads of Resistance Links

  1. dezertsuz

    Thanks! I looked at the list and it is coming to Atlanta – though if it’s coming without yours, I’m not nearly as interested in going! It’s in March, so I have time to decide.

  2. I only looked at the travelling exhibit, but what a group!

  3. magpiesue

    What a powerful exhibit this will be. There are a couple I’d especially like the president to see in person. But only for the split second he’d be able to pay attention to it of course.

  4. OK, I decided to blog about it again, too! Good to get the links out there đŸ™‚

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