Quilt Shows, Virtual and Local

One quilt, mine, is in both.

NW2 dereg--NW show

I did decide on “Deregulation” as its name. Since it didn’t seem to limit what others saw in it, it seemed safe to be directive in naming.  I still don’t know if it will travel with Threads of Resistance, but they have posted all 550 entries online (here). The page is subdivided into categories, so viewing is manageable; artists’ statements are on a separate page in each category for those who like to read them.

The guild show divided art quilts into abstract and pictorial, which I think is a good idea. “Jo’s Last Quilt,” from the previous post, was also in this category as was Anton Haas’ Six Times Five.

NW2 Six Times Five Anton Haas

Tony’s statement said he was exploring five-point symmetry. I love the way the long swirls maintain the color pattern in the small swirls.

I got only one photo in the pictorial category:

NW3 Vintage Falls Helene Knott

Vintage Falls, Helene Knott

Those who have been to the Columbia Gorge will recognize Multnomah Falls.

I have a few more photos, but they can wait. I want you to have time to view the Threads of Resistance quilts if you are so inclined.

There will be radio silence while I travel outside of WiFi areas this coming week, so don’t feel neglected if your comments don’t get prompt answers.



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6 responses to “Quilt Shows, Virtual and Local

  1. Very cool and have good non WiFi travels!

  2. dezertsuz

    And you don’t even casually mention your first place blue ribbon??? Congratulations to you! Thanks for sharing these. They are all interesting, but that first one takes the cake. =)

  3. magpiesue

    I like the idea of having the two categories for art quilts. Good job you, even if your quilt didn’t make it into the traveling exhibit!

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  5. Woohoo! I was able to double back to take in some earlier posts, and a hearty congratulations on your blue ribbon! That quilt turned out so well, and I’m glad they recognized its strengths and beauty. Great title–best to leave them guessing.

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