Guild Quilt Show

This year’s show has come and gone, and I am behind in downloading photos and writing about them.  I’ll start with quilts with stories, and I’ll admit that I enjoyed each of these more for their stories. That observation seems relevant after the earlier discussion of artist statements.

First a miniature:

NW mini mouse

Mouse Song, Rosemary Hampton-Kelly

First note that the squares in the background are 1/4 inch. The story is that scientists have discovered male mice sing a very complex song at a pitch humans cannot hear.

Two quilt stories dealt with death–I’ll show the statements in their own words.

Jo's Last Quilt

Jo’s Last Quilt

NW Jo's Last Quilt text

I should have taken a close up showing the needle, but thought of it too late.  The bright colors and varied-sized cross blocks are irresistible and caught my attention before I read the statement. It is hard to like it more when I’d already liked it a lot. But the statement adds an important dimension.

And this one

NW Can't you hear my heart beat

Can’t You Hear My Heart Beat? Kathie Kerler

NW Hear my Heart Beat text

I heard people talking about the story before I saw the quilt. Of course, I recognized the quilt easily from the story, and yes, the statement added an important dimension. Without it, I think I’d have seen only a call to exercise.

Then there is this childhood memory

NW kimono YukiSugliyamo

Kimono Sampler Yuki Sugiyama

This is her childhood kimono, worn on special occasions.

I did get a detail photo of this one.

NW kimono sampler yuki sugliyamo detail

I hope you enjoyed this taste of the Northwest Quilters’ Festival of Quilts. I have a few more photos for another post.

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3 responses to “Guild Quilt Show

  1. Very nice! I look forward to seeing more from the show.

  2. Thanks for the taste of the show! I love the kimono quilt!

  3. dezertsuz

    Oh, yes, I did enjoy seeing these. In this case, the artist’s statement is more than just a recitation of what they used and choices they made. That’s different from what I often see. I always enjoy reading them, but these really make a difference in how the quilt is viewed.

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