Quilt Guild Members Sales

Every couple years my local guild, Northwest Quilt Guild, replaces a speaker program with a chance for members to sell quilt related items. It is all very informal: just bring stuff and look around and interact and maybe buy.

I went intending to resist and mostly did. I walked by several tables of books. I had recently weeded my own book collection so wasn’t very tempted. I walked by fabric, tables with lots and tables with little.

Before walking by, I paused a little longer at tables of antiques. One had 25+ quilt tops, mostly hand pieced. I teasingly asked the seller, if she had made them all. She pointed to an 1890s top and said, “I don’t think so!” Lucky for her, others were not as resistant as I was. I did walk by.  Another antique table had really old baby garments, all tucked and laced. If I could have thought of a quilty use, I’d have been more tempted. But I walked by.  Several tables had antique doilies that I enjoyed looking at. However, my quilting isn’t up to the standards needed to turn them into quilts, so again I walked by.

But I couldn’t walk by baggies filled with 2-inch squares. Someone apparently had been managing scraps but decided she wasn’t going to ever get them all sewn up. (Sound familiar?) I picked up one baggie for $1.00. The last of the big spenders . . .

2-inch squares

While precuts like charm and mini-charm packs don’t speak to me, bona fide scrap squares that are precut do. I haven’t counted, but I’m guessing ~100. I did sort them by value, and I think there is enough variety to use them with each other, no background fabric needed. I haven’t decided on their destination: 4-patch blocks? 9-patch blocks? A checkerboard doll quilt? I am leaning to the latter.

I’ll start by making pairs as leaders and enders and see where it leads.

Meanwhile, I’ll link up with Needle and Thread Thursday and maybe later with Oh Scrap!–links in the side bar.


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6 responses to “Quilt Guild Members Sales

  1. I could never resist a bag of scraps!

  2. Your self-discipline is impressive. I’m certain to have bought a book or two, a doily or two, and I’ve have resisted the charm squares on account of having trouble bringing my own scraps under control!

  3. “I went intending to resist…” – isn’t that the classic line for all crafters going to an event like that! You are going to have fun with your bag of little squares – it is your “challenge bag” 🙂

  4. Good for being strong! Sometimes it helps not to succumb to the lure of fabric, unfinished quilts and the like.

  5. Hahaha! It is SO hard to resist other people’s scraps!

  6. Cher

    I would have bought them too! looking forward to seeing how it looks in the end

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