Racial Art Challenge

I have been exploring quilting as art; I have been exploring art as protest; I have been exploring racism and whiteness. Into that mix comes the challenge to Make a work of art about race as a white person in America. 

Not a challenge to a single work nor to a juried show, but a syllabus for personal reflection manifested (or not) in art production. A way of rethinking traditional art about race.

Instead of waiting till I have an idea to post, I am posting now in case some of my readers also want to do this exploration. Some of you are not in America; some of you are not white. I leave it to you to explore/make art that fits your situation.



Filed under creativity, design, social issues

4 responses to “Racial Art Challenge

  1. dezertsuz

    I’ll be interested in seeing how you interpret this one, and then how people interpret your product.

  2. Pretty powerful set of exercises in the syllabus. I’m not sure I could push through some of them, though they are all excellent seeds for thought (and discussion.)

  3. Good for you for taking on this challenge! I noticed years ago that the tendency in the liberal white groups to which I belong is to try to get people of color to join us, rather than going to join their groups. Seems like a pale attempt at inclusiveness. Same with integration of gender: the goal seems to be getting more women into Rotary club rather than including men in the American Assn of University Women (both groups I’ve been part of in the past). Hmmm

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