More Progress on the Riley Blake Piece

I had barely stopped typing the previous post until I started arranging the curves.

Here is the first attempt.

RB first try

It looked hodge-podgey, especially the larger wedges. And I did give some thought to the placement of the darker red–sewing was too challenging. To sew more wedges or rearrange? Rearranging won, and after some tweaking, a second try–pretty close to the final version.

RB second try

More continuity here, but still some awkward spots where the larger wedges just end.  And finally the top, half sewn

RB top half finished

I solved the awkward ends by continuing the wedges with print instead of background, top left and bottom right in this view (which is the quilt on its side).

In the future I think I’d save large wedges for a larger quilt, and I’d make twice as many wedges as I’d think I wanted. It is easier to pull out extras and use them somewhere else than to shift from arranging back to sewing. Even though I’d not attached all of them, the chunks I’d sewn needed some pieces ripped off and other chunks were in need of pieces being added. No way to tell in advance.

I spent some time pondering the order to sew.  I located long, doable curves without Y-seams. Then started assembling the smaller pieces into units that made up the curves.  SLW suggests appliquéing the larger curves, but I prefer piecing. So far none of the curves has been too hard to piece. I had more trouble with the smaller, sharper curves.

I had planned to bind with the background fabric; however, I don’t think I’ll have enough large pieces–maybe not even enough small pieces to add up to 250 inches. I have a darker teal and a couple reds in the Riley Blake confetti cottons, the required solids. I can think about the choice while finishing the piecing and while quilting. You can make suggestions if you like. Whether I use suggestions or not, I always enjoy exploring options.

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5 responses to “More Progress on the Riley Blake Piece

  1. If this were my work, there’d be no question about which fabric to use for the binding; it would have to be red. But I can’t get into your head to share your vision of the finished piece, and it could well be that the teal will accomplish what you’re trying to achieve better. I do love this piece, and although there’s no way on earth I’d play with curves in this way myself, it’s fun to see someone else do it!

  2. I’m just finishing up my piece for this challenge and mine only measures 30″ square! I’m using a teal from confetti cottons as my binding, to keep in line with the rules. You’re so adventurous with those curves – ha, I can’t even think about how tedious it must be to piece all that!
    I think binding with the background fabric is a great idea – it will let all that curvy work stand out.

  3. Oh red is brilliant as it pulls the accent color from center(ash) out! What a cool piece in progress!

  4. dezertsuz

    Yes, yes, red binding! I really enjoy reading your ruminations over your decision-making process. It sounds like you learned a lot in this one. Time for another one? Or resting on your laurels?

  5. When I have trouble with little curves, I revert to garment-making techniques: stay stitch just inside the seamline and clip just to the stay-stitching on the convex piece. Works well, and you don’t have to tell anybody 😮

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