Threads of Resistance Top

As with most items, the top took about twice as long as I planned for it. But here it is.

Threads of Resistance

~20 x 24

Not much is changed from the sketch.  However, it always amazes me how different a colored design looks than the black and white sketch. I pondered long over using two shades of red for the broken sign, and I’m not sure I made the right decision. There would have been more continuity with all one shade, but I didn’t want bright in the “dirty” bottom. And I wanted bright at the top. So let’s hope the fact of red, if not the shade, is enough continuity.

First I enlarged the design to the size of the quilt, played with the arrangement of the red pieces, then drew lines completing the curves. Next I traced the design onto freezer paper for templates. Before cutting the templates, I carefully labeled each piece with a number and its color, plus I made registration marks so that pieces would end up oriented correctly. (There were a lot of small squarish pieces that would have been easy to mess up.) When doing a design with fewer pieces I don’t make two copies, but this time I knew I’d get confused.

What took the most time was figuring out the order of assembling pieces so I would avoid Y-seams. That done–and written down, I started assembly.  Although I am rather comfortable with curves, I worried that the small pieces that made up some of the curves would distort more than large pieces do. So I didn’t cut the large blue pieces till I saw how the narrow curves fit on the master drawing. Besides ironing the shelf paper onto the fabric, I also pinned because I was worried that much handling would dislodge the templates and i needed the labels until units were recognizable and the registration marks till I got them transferred onto the fabric. Keeping the paper on the pieces worked for the slight curves, but the large ones required stay stitching just outside the seamline, stitching that also was a guide for seaming.

Now to ponder quilting design and thread. Red threads? All or part? Match color of thread and fabric? Hand or machine? Big stitch for accent?  While that is germinating, I’ll turn to the Riley Blake challenge top. And keep thinking titles: Currently thinking Over 350 or Deregulation.

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8 responses to “Threads of Resistance Top

  1. Wow – I love the bold blue and red – the little bits of red give it some serious movement! Look forward to seeing the entire piece when you reveal it. Hope you get into the show!

  2. I love your design! My vote is for big-stitch quilting with traditional cream thread, or maybe light blue to kind of blend the red and blue sections.

  3. dezertsuz

    I think the two reds is great! I’d call it No Limits, because it looks like a limiting No sign that’s coming down or apart, freeing people to do things they couldn’t before. =) I know you’ll make great design decisions about the quilting.

  4. What a fascinating take on Threads of Resistance. However you choose to quilt or embellish the top the large wide open spaces will give you plenty of room to play.

  5. It came out great! Personally, I like the two different reds. It gives it depth. I like the idea of primitive hand quilting using big thread but I’m not sure why. Or whether it will enhance the theme. I’m sure you’ll do something great.

  6. Cher

    oh I love how this turned out, and agree about the two reds are a great choice…hope to see it in person and give feedback then! really a stunning quilt top

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