Idea Forming for Threads of Resistance

The Threads of Resistance challenge has been in the back of my mind for a while. I’ve been thinking and sketching and thinking and sketching some more. Actually mostly thinking. I probably should sketch sooner as nothing shows an unformed idea so quickly as trying to put it on paper. Until I actually sketch, I can delude myself that an idea is good.

Because of my interest in the Standing Rock Water Protectors, oil accidents contaminating water sources have been my first consideration.


One of the first tries, oil pouring out of the slash-zero ‘Forbidden’ sign. Meh. Too in-your-face. I tried again, making stripes of blue and black for a background an forgetting the oil falls.


Not much better. Then I got the idea of fragmenting the sign.


Now I feel like I have something to work with. My next design move is to cut the sign full size, cut it in parts, and then move the parts around on a full sized piece of paper. (Minimum size is 20 x 20–not sure what size I am aiming for yet.)

Penciled in dark = black, medium = red, uncolored =blue. The background will most likely be shades and tints of blue; I’m debating on what shade of red (or varied) for the fragmenting ‘Forbidden’ sign; and the dark will be the black for oil.

Then there is the matter of title and the question of how much to depend on it. Ideas so far include “Waters of the United States,” “Deregulation,” and “Foxes Guarding the Hen Houses.”

Come Friday I’ll link with Nina Marie’s Off the Wall–button in the sidebar.




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10 responses to “Idea Forming for Threads of Resistance

  1. It will be exciting to see your piece develop – my hats off to you for getting started. I have to figure out if I am going to submit something or not. I drafted up an idea but then I have an existing piece I might want to use.

  2. “Funny” you should mention it; the “fox guarding the hen house” occurred to me too, though with a much different graphic than yours. Hoo-boy.

  3. How about ‘In too deep’, ‘Out of our depth’ or ‘Quis custodiet’? I’m enjoying being a spectator of your design process!

  4. I like ‘waters of the USA’. Fun to watch your design process.

  5. dezertsuz

    Hmmm, I think you have a good start there. Always fun to see how your brain works.

  6. The title you come up with could guide your final decisions. I thought of the old saying ‘pouring oil on troubled waters’ and how horrible that thought is now! Good luck!

  7. I find the only way to get the fury I feel out of me is to put it into art. Thank God for art!

  8. Looking forward to watching this evolve. Deconstructing the image reinforces the destructive nature of the situation.

  9. It is interesting to see your process in developing your theme. I looked up the challenge as I had not heard about it before. It’s sobering (no that’s not a strong enough word) to think of just how many possible themes there are for the challenge.

  10. mlmcspadden

    I love reading about your thinking process as you design your quilts! Looking forward to seeing this one develop.

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