Not the Weather Quilt but Weather

Portland, OR, isn’t used to snow, so this is noteworthy. Usually snow comes to the higher elevations and the lower get rain.


I suppose it is part of Portland’s weirdness that we have five “quadrants”: the usual NE, NW, SE, SW and North, where I live. According to the paper, North got the most snow at 12 inches last night. A few more views–in three directions:

Now back to my weather quilt and other projects in waiting.

ETA: Weather broadcast said that we had not gotten this much snow in one 24 hour period since 1980.



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10 responses to “Not the Weather Quilt but Weather

  1. Sue

    Have to ask…what color is the pee quilt? Ours is all rain, rain, and rain.☔

  2. Sue

    I meant Portland today on knee cartilage…blame it on that

  3. dezertsuz

    12 inches???? Wow, I never thought to hear such an amount in Portland!

  4. Sue

    Well, that’s keeping Portland weird, all right! Meanwhile, in drought stricken California, we are above seasonal rainfall totals and had 4″ of rain here since Monday evening, plus flooding and about 50 hours out of power. Who says the left coast has no weather?! Stay warm.

  5. adreamandastitch

    The snow has been crazy here. Great time for quilting. 🙂 It is beautiful, but makes me feel bad for all those people that had to abandon their cars and got stuck somewhere unprepared. Did you see all the trees down? It is just nuts!

  6. Ok that is some serious “Snowmageddon” you have going on there! Thanks for sharing the photos. I was whining about Central Oregon but we are used to snow – Portland – yikes!

  7. It looks beautiful! Though I must say I appreciate snow most when I can stay inside somewhere toasty and warm, and look at it through the window…and when it does not last. Hope you get some good quilting in!

  8. Yikes. At least it’s a good excuse to stay indoors and quilt.

  9. Love Your snow photos. Regards from Finland.

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