No, I’m not stalling on the ocean top. But I have to think interesting thoughts while doing repetitive tasks like trimming HSTs. As often happens, I have an idea for a motif, but not for a whole piece. And I have difficulty expanding.

A while back, Mary of Zippy Quilts sent me some fabric.


She was decluttering and had decided she had no idea to go with this piece. She thought I might like the challenge. (I had mentioned enjoying making something out of what others thought ‘ugly’ fabric, and while this wasn’t considered ugly, it prompted the thought to send it.)  I found two coordinating pieces.


The motif that had immediately come to mind: a big diamond (to finally use that ruler that I bought so long ago) with a circle cut out the floats somewhere. But what else?

I started sketching.


My first idea had been partial Lone Star as in 1,3,and 4. But I wasn’t thrilled. So I thought forget the star and tried #2. (Numbering doesn’t reflect order of drawing.) I also was asking the question: Do I really need odd numbers of items?

I tried some more.


Number 5 looks too much like PacMan, #7 looks blah, but I almost like #6. Is it detailed enough?

Those ideas can cook for a while while I get back to trimming. Meanwhile, I’d like to hear what you do when you have a partial idea that doesn’t a whole quilt make.

ETA corrected spelling. Always shows up better the day after.

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12 responses to “Sketching

  1. I don’t know if you’re willing to take on something as elaborate as Paula Nadelstern’s designs, which use a lot of mirror imaging. Or possibly one of the patterns that create blocks from fussy cutting diamonds. To see what your small design #6 looks like bigger you could put it in your computer and tile it so there are lots of repeats, or just make a lot of copies and cut and paste them together. It looks like you could get some variety by turning your rectangle various ways.

  2. ooh very cool fabric! looks like fun to play with whie taking a break from the HST party!

  3. Gwyned

    When I have an idea I am uncertain of but that keeps niggling at me, I test drive it. Might make a block, or small quilt or simply practice the techniques that will be required. Doing something, anything really, related to the imagined project often jump starts things for me.

  4. A test block seems the best idea if you have enough fabric. For myself, if I was playing with that fabric, it does sort of scream ‘kaleidoscope block’ at me; the pattern would be perfect.

  5. Sue

    Claire…that would make a great stack n wack…I learned a quick way to trim HST..Quilt in a day has a triangular ruler and u only have to trim 2 sides and do this before you open and press…really saves time.

  6. dezertsuz

    #6 is the one I would have picked of all of them. That means you are in trouble now. LOL

  7. I don’t think I could cut that piece of fabric. It’s beautiful! Good luck and thank you for the comment on my blog!

  8. I like number 7 best – though I like 6 too. It’s interesting that having the triangles drop off the edge doesn’t seem to work with the designs you’re trying. And a definite pac-man look to some of them.

  9. Well, you’re ahead just by having acquired coordinating fabric! I think diamonds are a great idea, and I agree that having the triangles drop off the edge makes an interesting design. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  10. Sandy@UpStairsHobbyRoom

    I love a good challenge too!! Looking forward to seeing how this gets completed with whichever sketch you choose! Very cool!!

  11. Very good fabric for fussy cutting, I believe. Like to see what it ends up as.

  12. When I’m stuck on an idea, I try making test blocks. Though sometimes that makes me go haring off with a whole other project, and it might be years before I get back to the fabrics/idea that I was starting from in the first place…

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