Fall Quilt Retreat

It was time for quilt retreat, and I wasn’t about to take the ocean quilt.  I need lots of time and space to design as I go. Luckily I had three kits left over from the last retreat, so I didn’t have to think much, just grab.

I finished this child sized charity quilt top.


40 x 60 inches

A couple years ago I was making kits for a friend’s project. I kept out some to finish myself, the ones that needed more arrangement than alternating matching blocks . This is the last of them, so I’ll have to start cutting again. It took about half a day to assemble at retreat pace. For me that is slow because I stop to talk a lot. Others power along and finish up way more. Still others think more and are slower. We each have our preferred pace.

And I finished the third of my last year’s leader-ender block tops.


~42 x 60

The blocks were pieced and arranged and the sashing cut. And I had labeled the rows clearly enough that I could remember my plan even after a year. This one took about a day, retreat pace. This one is the same setting as the inspiration quilt (here). The first two are here and here in case you missed them.

ETA: It is amazing how much difference a sashing color can make. Mishka used black (in the inspiration link above)  and Deanna at Wedding Dress Blue used white (here). I needed a color because the group I donate to prefers less white, but black would not do for a child quilt.

With all the people at the retreat, I should have asked someone to hold it for a flat shot, but I didn’t think of it, so back to the sofa shots.

Remember the Sunny Lanes block? (here, if you forgot) One of the quilters was doing just what I had been thinking would work well with scraps. Here is her top.


This is what it can look like in a top.(Yes there are a couple blocks that need repair. It was an exchange and a couple blocks didn’t follow directions.) I really like the red, but I haven’t decided on what color I’ll be using for the stabilizing colors. Meanwhile, the 4-patches will make a good leader-ender project, and I need another.

I also pieced the blocks for a Rail Fence twin size quilt. You’ll see it when it is together. And when that was finished, I knitted on a pair of socks. It was a totally good retreat–I’d packed exactly the right amount of projects, always a challenge.

ETA: Linking up with Oh Scrap!



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19 responses to “Fall Quilt Retreat

  1. My problem with projects for retreats is I open them only once a year, so I forget where I left off. It takes me at least an hour to reconstruct their status. If only I remembered to leave myself some notes before I pack those projects up again. I’m to the point of mostly doing hand work at retreats. I just look for where I parked my needle. Your retreat seems to have been quite productive.

  2. Mary Gillette

    Sounds like you had a good retreat. I like that leader/ender project. I made a Sunny Lanes quilt from a book, not sure if it was the same pattern.

  3. Someday I will go on a quilt retreat. They sound delightful and the results speak for themselves.

  4. Oh quilt retreats are for getting lots of projects done, not just goofing off and visiting…and seeing what others are working on..any eating naughty food..and staying up too late but still not getting stuff done? Claire – I am super impressed how much you kicked out during the retreat! 🙂

  5. dezertsuz

    What wonderful retreat projects and progress. I love seeing a Sunny Lanes top together. I may have to do one later, when Uncle Donald is done.

  6. Sounds great! I especially like your leaders-and-enders quilt! Almost makes me want to do one…

  7. Congrats on your great progress! I hope to emulate you next year. 🙂

  8. Cher

    yippee for tops done and lots of enjoying yourself…I do like all the red in Sunny Lanes..a great pattern

  9. Retreats are always fun, it’s italways about the quantity we do there, socializing is a requirement, LOL Beautiful scrappiness!

  10. The scrappy quilt with the red background is gorgeous. What makes it work,, which shade of red, or does it not matter.

  11. Every time you show those last two, I go “Oooooo! I want to make that!” Such fun blocks to make, and such wonderful quilts they’ll be!

  12. Looks like you were very productive and made wonderful progress! I really love the red setting in the ‘sunny lanes’ quilt!

  13. The blue was a great choice for the sashing. I think it made it more playful. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  14. Both the bright blue and the other with are standouts because the colors add to the playfulness of the quilts. Sounds like you had a really fun retreat.

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  16. I love leaders and enders. Two quilts for one! Yours are so beautiful:). I especially like the diamond pattern mixed in amongst the small stamp blocks. Great job!

  17. Hello. I recently came across your comment on another blog and realized we are in the same area, so I thought I would check out your blog. May I ask what kind of retreat you attended? I have been searching for an open invite retreat in the area.

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