Block-of-the-Month Assembly

Three months out of the year I won the guild block-of-the-month pile–ending up with 26 after making only 15. Back in February, the pink ones quickly became a top (back made, but yet to be quilted). More recently I won the red-blue-gold nine and the totally scrappy six.  Along came a straggler that thought I had won pastels.

The straggler became a top for a doll quilt for the Toy and Joy project.

BOM pastel doll

I’ll be making doll/teddy bear quilts till the minky fabric is all used up, but the bag just doesn’t get empty. However, the fire fighters have requested more infant sized quilts (36 x 36). So I’ll shift my attention.

Nine 12-inch blocks easily make 36 x 36. Here are the red-blue-gold.

BOM red-blue-gold

The six block group required more thought. I laid out five.


I could use the sixth and make three more, or I could do something else. I thought and thought.

Once, long ago, I’d offered a challenge for people to send blocks with sides in any multiple of 3-inches. At the time I’d wanted to practice designing a quilt using variously sized blocks. What I didn’t anticipate was that without a color limitation, they wouldn’t play together even if I could arrange the space. I grouped them into color sets and put them aside. Maybe I should get them out. I arranged and rearranged the blue and white ones till I got four 12-inch blocks and added them in.

BOM plus 4- top

I decided it worked and sewed the top. The one remaining block will be combined with novelty fabric to become another doll/teddy bear quilt.

Now the two await backs.  I have multiple small pieces of flannel from which I’ll be making scrappy backs until it is gone. I have until the November or December meeting to finish these. Next in the stranded-block line up are the Foot Squared Freestyle (F2F) blocks–I still have to make my three as well as assemble blocks.

I’ll be linking with Let’s Make Baby Quilts (button in sidebar) when the link is available on Friday. And people visiting from that linky might also want to see the heart quilt on this blog entry, also a baby quilt.




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11 responses to “Block-of-the-Month Assembly

  1. That second quilt with the blue corners is a very happy accident, it looks great!

  2. I get a kick out of your “Design Bed” 🙂

  3. Tammy

    I love how the blues in the corners work with the scrappies! Isn’t it great how that works out?

  4. Another good save, Claire!

  5. dezertsuz

    Oh, Claire, I LOVE that last quilt! What a great inspiration that was. I do like the other projects, too.

  6. The blues with the four scrappy blocks looks amazing! Great way to use up old-ish blocks.

  7. A very interesting post – great projects. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Dorothy Matheson

    Great quilts, I like to make them up too. Fun to make things work together.

  9. Very nice! Cheerful, with pretty colors!

  10. Carol

    Very inspired and artful, that last quilt. I love it!

  11. KatieQ

    What a great way to use up scraps. Whoever receives these quilts will love them.

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