Assembling Has Begun

I’m bored with sewing, so I’ll take a break and blog a bit.

I’d hoped to bring more forward for this Monday’s linky (button in sidebar), but this will have to do.

city2 assembly1

About 1/6 of the whole

In case you missed it, here is the layout I am working from.Most of the white space in the layout is becoming filler fabric. Now if I were following directions (who, me?), I’d have one filler color in each main color section. However, since I am  using a floating squares background that didn’t work where planned, I have several light colors. (Here is the background in case you missed that post.) Most of my filler is mint green or ice blue, but there are a couple other light neutrals for added interest.

You might notice some puckers and slight curves.  When cutting without rulers, “squares” are oddly shaped and lines get wiggly. In Improv for Modern Quilters, Sherri Lynn Wood gives two solutions: straighten the line or curve the seam. Though she prefers the latter, I have used both. I’d expected to lose some space due to seam allowances, but the curves take yet more. So I have various sized and colored squares on hand to fill in spaces.

I find improv tedious, enjoyable (thus contrasting to the tedium of paper piecing), but tedious. One helpful tool is a roller that I found online after reading Deb Karasik’s Quilts with Attitude (link here)

city2 roller tool

It isn’t a substitute for pressing with an iron, but it allows several seams to be sewn before hopping from sewing machine to iron. I’ve seen other wooden “ironing” tools but fear they would distort the fabric. I’ve tried finger pressing, but the roller seems to do better. (I have no connection to the supplier.)

With improv, you are frequently trimming bits of fabric off to make pieces fit together. All those small bits put me into crumb-block mode.

city2 crumb

The group of three is about 3 x 3

I like combining near colors so that they look like one piece from a distance.

Break over–thanks for joining me.


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6 responses to “Assembling Has Begun

  1. dezertsuz

    That’s a lot of progress! And if it doesn’t press out, it’ll all quilt out, right? =) The roller is interesting. It reminds me of the breyers we used to use for inking things. Our fingers, our faces, our legs, whatever got in the way. LOL

  2. Looking good…. And there are other tricks for flattening puckers. Huge amounts of steam and a rubber mallet works, and is marvellous for stress relief too!

  3. Cher

    hooray for progress ! great idea to use a roller too. nothing like losing your design “bed” to spur progress. enjoying how it is coming along

  4. I’m liking the looks of this! I’m curious to see how you deal with the puckers. I’m also afraid that the finger pressing that I do may be stretching the fabric.

  5. Caitlin

    looking good- coming together really nicely

  6. That roller is very interesting I am going to look into it – thanks! Oh and so fun to see this lovely piece coming along!

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