Weather Block for May


May was a very odd month as you will see from my weather block for the month.


14 1/2 x 14 1/2

This is my block with colors coded to the high temperature each day. The weather “cooperated” with more variation than in previous months. Nicer for the look but a bit challenging IRL.  Note the second week. Gold is for temps in the 80s; dark green for 50s. That was a sudden shift. Medium green is for 60s and yellow-green for 70s.

I chose to do a calendar format block; my friends are doing rows. Check theirs out here.

I have learned that I don’t really like monthly projects. But I will finish this quilt.



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9 responses to “Weather Block for May

  1. It does look a little odd, strangely symmetrical, but I’m seeing why you’re not so keen on these ‘month’ blocks; they’re quite constricting. Love the colours you’ve chosen, especially the temps in the 70s!

    • I can see why you like the 70s green. 🙂 I forgot to include that the 80s days were 17-20 degrees higher than the historical average for their respective days. Plan A had been to indicate above and below average, but I’d not figured a key. Since then I have, but am not going back and reworking. Since it would have involved a square for each degree–sized to fit a limited space–20 would have been a challenge.

  2. I recently saw a completed weather quilt, and I do believe they were doing it in rows. It will be interesting to see how it looks as blocks. Do like your color choices. June would look interesting here – I think temps got down into the 40’s last night and many days recently were close to 90’s.

    • I do like the colors. If the weather cooperates, the greens and blues will be the most frequent, the oranges (90s) and reds (over 100s–unless there are days over 110, which I doubt; if I need it, a really hot pink for 110s and higher), though clustered in summer, will be more like accents. And I can play with sashing. We’ll see.

  3. Well, it’s good to learn something new about yourself. How many more months do you have to go? It will be interesting in the end, no doubt about that. A thorough label may be in order for when the quilt is completed!

    • Seven to go; started in January. And I do plan a legend of pieced numbers in their respective colors–one reason for using increments of ten instead of five.

  4. dezertsuz

    Learning is good. =) This is a more attractive grouping, I think.

  5. I’m not a monthly project fan either, but this did make an interesting block 😃

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