Quilt Show–Quilts Labeled ‘Modern’

This is the first year my local guild has had a modern category, and there were a good number entered in it.  There were also modern quilts in other categories. Today I’ll share some of the self-labeled modern ones. Not all of them, though.  I took photos on two days and got two of some quilts and none of others. I need to become more methodical.

The show is not juried, but each category does have one quilt that gets a ribbon. Here is the modern one.

NWM Reach for the Stars

Colleen Barnhardt’s “Reach for the Stars”

No question why this is the one with the ribbon; isn’t that quilting wonderful? And the asymmetrical design. Here are some close ups.

The quilt is original design using traditional blocks; one of my favorite quilting designs is the ghosting of a block.

Here are more:

NWM Bedtime Stories

Karen Nelson’s “Bedtime Stories”

Karen attributes this one to a Rachel Kerley “Splat” class–unfamiliar to me. She says it is a way to showcase special fabrics. I didn’t get a detail of the quilting, though it would have deserved it.

NWM delightfully deco

Chelsea McLennan-West’s “Delightfully Deco”

The quilt was part of a quilt-along led by Christa Watson. Several people helped paper piece the quilt, and it was quilted by Debbie Scroggy.

NWM hearts and points

Etta Gordon’s “Hearts and Points” from Elizabeth Hartman’s pattern, “Pointy”

NWM triple play

Christine Jiun Li’s “Triple Play,” an original design

NWM sparkle punch

Dianna Miller’s quilt from Elizabeth Hartman’s “Sparkle Punch” pattern; quilted by Jolene Knight.

And I got a quilting detail shot of this one.

NWM sparkle punch detail

Of course, I also took the chance to get upright photos of my two quilts.

Skyline --hanging


without orange--hanging

Without Orange There Would Be No Blue

Quilts can be put for sale at the show, hence the red sign. There are not many sales as most viewers are quilters who can make their own. The quilts with green signs are from the treasure hunt, a gimmick to entertain the younger set who may not willingly have come to the show.  Another feature for the young ones (and adults) is Build-A-Block. Parts are set out and folks can design blocks that fit the 9-patch construction format.  Blocks are sewn as turned in and eventually assembled into charity quilts.

Tomorrow I’ll show some modern quilts that were not so labeled, and the post after that will be of traditional quilts.



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9 responses to “Quilt Show–Quilts Labeled ‘Modern’

  1. The first two are really special, and YOURS! I do especially like Skyline. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What an awesome title “Without Orange There Would Be No Blue”! Enjoyed looking at the photos and congratulations on your wonderful pieces!

  3. Thank you so much for the insight into your guild colleagues’ work. Beautiful quilts and spectacular quilting!

  4. I think it’s great your guild does this. It’s always a treat to celebrate makers like you

  5. Cher

    loved the quilt show and happy to see yours again!

  6. dezertsuz

    Thanks for sharing these. There were some I liked and some I could do without, but they were all interesting. Yours fall in the first category, of course!

  7. Love the way skyline turned out!

  8. I love that first quilt! Amazing quilting!

  9. Wow! There are some really talented people in this show, including you! Thanks for the pictures 🙂

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