Weather and Baby Quilts

After a complex project, a simple one is in order. I had enough going on last month that I didn’t get the March block made. By the time I was thinking about it, April was almost over, so I waited to do both at once.

Here’s March


12 1/2 x 12 1/2

I don’t think the weather has a good sense of design; just look at all that dark green for fifty-degree days!

And here’s April


12 1/2 x 12 1/2

April was a little more interesting. There was a 90-degree day forecast, but it made it only to 89 F, spoiling my design fun.

There will be side frame pieces as well; I just haven’t decided how wide yet.

Here are Jan and Feb blocks. And here is the Facebook group where you can see what others are doing with their temperatures.

Then the firefighters called my local guild to let us know they were out of baby quilts, so I am making two or three quickie quilts and letting the cute fabric do most of the work. I have two tops made.

baby 9-patch

36 x 36

I thought every house needs a space kitty. I have enough of the space-kitty fabric for backing.


36 x 36

Love that fish fabric. Here’s hoping this quilt goes to a baby whose parents do some diving. Or at least have an aquarium. The backing is a companion fabric, the small fish school, with a strip of each soli.

I’ll make an envelope closure and quilt a rather large meander. Speed is more important than intricate quilting.

Linking with Em’s Move it Forward Monday. And later on with Let’s Make Baby Quilts (link in sidebar).


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5 responses to “Weather and Baby Quilts

  1. You *have* been busy! Love all the greens….

  2. Your March and April blocks are really cool!! Great fun1

  3. Letting the fabric do most of the work is half the fun of baby quilts 🙂 And the weather blocks made some interesting designs.

  4. Sue

    I like your weather quilt. It reflects where you live, in the cool and rainy Pacific NW and near the ocean where temps never really go to any great extremes. You could think of it this way…it is more interesting than if you lived in, say, Hawaii, where your quilt would just be all yellow. Maybe the trick would be to do a “comparative weather” quilt and pick some place unlike your own. The one on the FB page that used daily highs and lows as HSTs was interesting.

  5. dezertsuz

    The weather is interesting. I keep trying to think of variations to make something like that more interesting. Love the baby quilts. I think that’s perfect for the purpose.

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