36 Fragmenting–Better Quilting Photos

I had time to take photos while the light was right, finally. Instead of editing the old post, I’ll just put them here. First the whole quilt. By putting it sideways, I got better light on all of it.

36 Sideways large

Now you can see the swooping lines made with the walking foot that continue into the border. What you see on the right is the top, though I am not sure it matters.

And the three filler designs:

And the quilt has yet another name.  After show and tell at guild meeting (Portland Modern Quilt Guild), Chris suggested using a quote from van Gogh, “Without Orange There Would Be No Blue.” I like it, so the name is changed.


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9 responses to “36 Fragmenting–Better Quilting Photos

  1. I like the Playground blocks quilting!

  2. dezertsuz

    Oh, I like that name, too! Very descriptive! I could click for closer on the bottom three, but not the top one. I do like the patterns you were using on this one.

  3. My word, that is much better! I can see what you were describing now, and it’s really good, interesting, textural quilting. The new name is also much better. I think the link of the top photo back to your media file is broken, as I can’t click to open it and have a good close up look.

  4. Cher

    love the new photos and the new name, great suggestion from Chris!

  5. Such a fitting name! I really love the motion of this piece.

  6. lapaylor

    Hi Claire
    I like that quote. Orange is the compliment, and full of energy. Yours is swirling….LeeAnna

  7. Jo

    Nice looking quilt with a bit of work to it. Well done.

  8. Nice quilt! I love the movement and energy, and the new name is perfect.

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