City Quilt Renamed “Skyline”

The top is finished. I’m working on use of space and balance. Not sure I’ve captured it in this one.  On the sketch the 3/4 size partial petal looked okay; here is looks like it could have been larger. And I never did comment on the reason for the partial petals. To get the amount of the fabric print that I wanted into one petal would have been too big to add anything else other than dinky little things that didn’t seem to fit the whole. So one night before sleep hit, I got the idea of half petal shapes.

Skylne top

50 x 68

Here’s hoping those bumps quilt out.

I love open spaces, but I never seem to buy enough fabric. This background had to be pieced more than I had intended. While looking at it and pondering how to piece either of the background ideas I had sketched, I came up with another idea and went with it. The idea was to echo the shadowy/misty silhouette in the print. You can see the lower one in the above photo. And here is the upper one.

City background detail

Now my question is how to quilt it.  Do I ignore the piecing to make it even more subtle or do I draw attention to it with different quilting from what is in the green? Let me know your opinion in the comments.

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7 responses to “City Quilt Renamed “Skyline”

  1. I like this so much! I personally would quilt it with a slightly stronger green, and quilt shapes that echo the outline buildings in the print. The whole piece strongly reminds me of old maps where the landscape is flat, but cities are illustrated with towers, churches, etc. Your map’s cities are surrounded by walls and tall buildings!

  2. Turned out great. I like the thought of the slightly darker green thread for the background quilting, along with echoing the building shapes that you pieced into the background. Not sure tho what to do with the petals. Whatever you decide, have fun!

  3. Cher

    I like the idea of curves…echoing the half might consider doing some sketching of quilting designs as well…great result with the top…really like the silhouette and would quilt straight lines there..just a few…how fun! I am sure it all will quilt out.

  4. I really like this! It makes me think of futuristic floating cities. I look forward to seeing how you end up quilting it.

  5. anudge

    Interesting. I”d opt for ignoring the piecing to emphasize space. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone – it brought me here. Do go over to Pink Doxies – her link party is on as #Brave Quilter.

  6. dezertsuz

    I’d opt to emphasize the piecing, so there you go. You have to make up your own mind, because we’re really not helping. LOL I do like the idea of echoing the petals, at least for part of it. So echo the buildings and underneath the city scape do the curve echoes?

  7. Em

    Deciding on quilting has never been my strong point. I know whatever you decide will be wonderful! Thanks for linking up!

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