Orange and Blue Progress

I’d hoped to get the top finished this weekend, but I’ll be satisfied with three more blocks. Last progress was noted here where I had six blocks.Now I have nine.

9 blocks

This is not a serious arrangement; there is much rearranging in my future. I can’t make any serious design decisions till I see all the blocks. The next three will be the medium blue again, and it will be easier to balance  out the colors in the arrangement. And some of the blue pieces look pretty big, so there may need to be more cutting and sewing. Won’t know till I see all twelve.

I’ll link  with Monday Moving it Forward and today with AIHQ (buttons in sidebar).



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7 responses to “Orange and Blue Progress

  1. I already like the movement and spontaneity!

  2. Great stuff! The quilt has already now a “natural” flow! Looking forward to see the three new blocks. Barbora

  3. Ann

    I love the way you are layering these blocks and then cutting curves across them. What a great way to mix up the fabric easily. Thanks so much for linking with AHIQ. I hope to see more of your process as you complete this quilt.

  4. dezertsuz

    It’s looking great, Claire! Definitely not so orange now. =)

  5. This is looking like fun!

  6. Lovely curvy movement in this! Although you didn’t get it done, you’ve made great progress!

  7. This is REALLY interesting to me… Looking forward to following your progress!

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