Still Pink

Out of one black hole and into another. Last week’s top got its back sooner than many do.  I decided to go ahead and piece it. Once I get at it, I wonder why I stall at that point so often. At any rate, it seemed wise to assemble it before losing parts or using fabric in something else by accident.

Moving from a one-yard cut to 48 x 48 makes for a very wide strip–12-15 inches. I didn’t have to see it to know it was too much solid, but here it is that way in case you need to be convinced.

before piecing back strip

Long strips would have been an option, but I thought it would eat up too much fabric in seam allowances.

Plan A had been to divide the wider strip, except I made the first cut the wrong way for that. Actually I think I like it better the way it ended up. I like errors that improve.

Back assembled

I had one other fabric I could have worked in, but decided it would distract. The middle is actually a four-patch block. I rather like the way the three colors bend into the solid–two very different looks from close or far away.

One of the things I learned in an art quilt class was to vary the widths of repeat pieces and negative space between. Well, since I was using precut pieces from the deconstructed block, that width was fixed. (I guess I could have trimmed them, but again, seams shortening the total too much.) I could vary the placement of the squares. So the sequence is not quite regular nor centered.

Now it moves to the black hole of tops waiting to be quilted. I like to have 3 or 4 ready to sandwich before rearranging my small apartment space to accommodate them.

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12 responses to “Still Pink

  1. I’m finally getting back into cyber space… I love how this back turned out. If I’d known you needed more pinks to make blocks to complete the top I could have helped you out easily. I bought a lot of pinks when I was thinking about quilts for my granddaughters. So far I haven’t even made a dent in them!

  2. I think the back is more interesting than the front! the off-center design is nice.

  3. I admire your self control in not rushing on to quilt this. I’m completely unable to put an almost done quilt aside to work on other things! Your clever improvised back is lovely, and gives me a few ideas about loosening up and letting something surprising happen on the back…

  4. I love backs that could be fronts. I find the arrangement very pleasing.

  5. Yes, I love a scrappy improv backing, and this is looking great! I like the idea of varying the widths of repeat pieces, makes it more interesting. Need to pop back & see the top of this now!

  6. dezertsuz

    Looks very interesting, but are you leaving it a backing or making it a top with lots of lovely negative space to fill?

  7. I love it when the back is as much fun as the front! Happy quilting!

  8. What a nice back! It is a perfect match to the quilt top. Barbora

  9. I really like the way you pulled the backing together!

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