Diluting Orange

A while back I made a quilt of 6 inch squares that was way too orange. I don’t really remember what I was thinking.

orange infant quilt

uh oh

The brown fabric did have orange in it.

curves-brown fabric

I either forgot about proportion or decided to ignore it. So the top has been on time out until I could figure a way to dilute the orange. I’d considered “slice and insert” but that seemed it would take too many narrow strips to accomplish my goal.  Along comes Sherri Lynn Wood’s Improv Handbook. I decided Score 7, Layered curves, would be the ticket. (Why start with #1 when you can start with #7? And there are plenty of cross references where needed.)

I divided the original top into four and will add three fabrics to each 18-inch square. I’ll end up with 12 blocks around 16-17 inches square.

Here is the first cut.

curves first cut

And here are all three after the second cut.

I’m being cautious: Wood says gentler curves are easier to piece. I’ll probably be more daring by the end.  I’ll finish all 12 and lay them out and then decide if I need any more cuts. Or sashing. I’m aiming for 50 x 70.

I had planned to use three shades of blue; however, the third one is too close to the darker one here. It would work most places, but not where it isnext to the darker one. So I may just use two.

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13 responses to “Diluting Orange

  1. It’s always hard to take a blade to perfect piecing, but sometimes it’s the only answer. I’ll be interested to see how it ends up!

  2. kathysnest32

    Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I come across something out of my zone. Good for you to do something with it. When I find something out of my zone, I usually donate it to some cause and they finish it.
    Kathleen Mary

  3. And you’ll end up with a visually far more interesting design too! Orange should only be used in moderation in my opinion. Unfortunately, most of my fellow countrypeople tend to forget this around big sporting events…

  4. Pam

    Looking good! Love the curves! Can’t wait to see where this goes.

  5. Cher

    oh! what a fabulous change…great eye appeal! I look forward to the end result…love how inspiration and a new book have led you to a wonderful solution. I hope the process is making your heart sing!

  6. Oh, this is going to be interesting to watch!
    (But I like orange…)

  7. Sue

    Brilliant move! The orange was pretty intense, if the photos are color-correct (though I also like orange at this time of my life)! I’ve been considering taking the blade to my floating squares, for a similar reason. Will be watching this…

  8. Wow the blue really helps a lot, looking forward to seeing the completed overhauled piece!

  9. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

  10. dezertsuz

    I’m interested in seeing how this turns out. That definitely helped the bright factor.

  11. This is going to be a much more interesting quilt than before! You could try making patchwork with the solids too, narrow strips might be a nice contrast, before doing the curved piecing.

  12. Looks quite interesting! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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