December F2F Blocks

According to the USPS tracking, the package has arrived, so now you can see the monthly blocks for Foot Squared Freestyle (F2F).

The colors requested for December were gray, aqua, pink, and peach: think Degas. Well, when I think Degas, I think pastel and went with that–along with being happy to meet Christina’s desire for scrappy. However, when I saw a photo of the Degas painting that had inspired her color choice, there were more dark colors than I would have imagined. Oh well, others are sending some that are darker–perhaps it will all balance out.

Of course one is Sunny Lanes.

Sunny Lanes

Sunny Lanes 12 1/2 x 12 1/2

It wasn’t till I cropped this photo that I realized the lower left corner was not going the right way. Other than that, this is my favorite of the three December blocks and maybe also my favorite of the Sunny Lanes blocks. I had wanted each square to be a different fabric, but didn’t have as many aqua as I thought I did.

Next is Lady of the Lake.

lady of the lake light

And one of the easiest blocks to make scrappy is Log Cabin.

Dec log cabin

If I had this one to do over, I’d put the floral next to the big dot and the small dot next to the birds. It’s another example of looking better laid out than after sewn.

If I don’t make anything else scrappy before Sunday, I’ll link this with Oh Scrap! (button in sidebar).


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2 responses to “December F2F Blocks

  1. You just had to tell us, and I’m prepared to bet that if you hadn’t, no-one would have noticed about one corner going the wrong way! Angela Walters made a video which can be found on YouTube where she discusses three things quilters should not do, and one of them is to point out mistakes! Lovely blocks, and I’m sure Christina is going to be delighted.

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