Lost Swap Blocks Are Found

Once upon a time, a long, long time (6 + years) ago, Old Tippecanoe Quilt Guild had a star swap. Color choices were spring and fall and some other color palette. I chose fall.  It was a typical swap: I made six of the same pattern and gave away five; I received one from each of the other five.

I  put five of them away for later.(One block had colors more patriotic than fall, and that star got put with a guild Quilt of Valor project.)  Later came, and the logic I remembered — store them with the coordinating fabrics–did not reveal the blocks. I dug deeper and deeper in my stash of related colors to no avail. When I moved and reorganized all my fabrics–twice–they did not appear.

I finally figured I must have donated them to a guild auction and forgotten that I had.

Then today I had to empty one of my yarn baskets, and lo, in the bottom were these five blocks.  I wish I knew what logic I had used when I stashed them there!

Maybe, since at the time I was doing more knitting than quilting, I thought I’d get to them soon. But instead of emptying the basket, I just kept adding yarn faster than I knitted it up, so I haven’t seen the bottom in all these years.

Mine is the block with the aqua center. Of course fabrics I once saved to use with the blocks have since been used in other projects.

They are 12 1/2 inch blocks. I could send them as entries in the Sunshine  (Link in sidebar) block lotto when the colors are fall colors–assuming I could keep track of them till November.  I could make a couple more and make a lap quilt, or I could make even more and sew up a twin size quilt.

I guess after waiting this long, there is no rush. You, dear reader, will be among the first to know.

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11 responses to “Lost Swap Blocks Are Found

  1. I must say, my favourite is the one with purple background and gold star ‘rays’, followed by yours. I find them both beautifully autumnal; the others not so much.

  2. They are lovely, don’t loose them again! Tell us where you put them so we can help you remember!

  3. These are so warm and friendly!

  4. That’s a good story! I’m glad you found them as they are pretty.

  5. Funny, how things can come and go…The blocks seem to me worth working on. They will make a good project, however you decide to go with it. You could set them on point in a 9-patch. That would make a larger quilt. And then either make alternating blocks, or just set them in a large print.

  6. Purples and turquoises, golds and oranges, browns and tans… I’m not much for samplers, but this could be very pretty. I’d keep going, if it were me. I’ll look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  7. Carol

    That’s a hilarious story! Partly because it’s so familiar. Our logic at one point completely baffles us at another. Beautiful blocks, esp yours and the purple background block.

  8. quilt32

    I’m glad you found these pretty blocks. I had picked the one with aqua center as my favorite before I read the post. Definitely use them for something this year.

  9. so, do I hear a need to buy new coordinating fabrics?

  10. Some of the most stubbornly lost things in my life were lost when I was inspired to put them somewhere easier to find than where I originally put them, or when, usually after repeated promptings by DH, I put them somewhere ‘safer’. Glad your blocks turned up! I hope you find something fun for them. Maybe a ‘lost and found’ themed quilt?

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