Farm Quilt and Accessories

Years ago I made the “Fun on the Farm” (a Good Housekeeping pattern from the 70s-80s) quilt for my daughter. I never finished the play parts. Now that her son is almost 3, it seemed a good time to make the parts. (It’s a Christmas present, but it is okay to show it early–Logan doesn’t read my blog.)

Being from an earlier time, the pattern for the people was very stereotypical: The “farmer “had overalls. The “wife” had braids and wore a dress and apron. I wanted to change that and also to add kids. First I considered jeans and shirt for each. But “unisex” dress is always male. Then I remembered the Fisher Price toys with the generic peg people. That seemed the solution to allow for imagination to take over.

farm people and vehicles

The car and tractor have a pocket so the people can “ride.” Inside the house (opens both with door and a side zipper) one person can slip behind the table to “eat” or into the bed to “sleep.”

farm crops and animals

The apples snap to the tree and can be “picked” and put in the bag or in the feed trough for the animals; the ears of corn snap to the stalks, and the stalks have a middle and a top snap so they can “grow.” The hay can be feed or snapped to the haystack. The nest in the tree has a pocket for the hatching baby bird. The letter fits in the mail box.

It will be interesting to see what imagination does to the parts and the whole.

Linking the current finish of toys to Link a Finish Friday. Button in sidebar.

On another note: at guild they announced that we had 1100 doll and infant quilts for the Toy and Joy program (mentioned in previous post)



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6 responses to “Farm Quilt and Accessories

  1. quilt32

    This is so cute. It should be just perfect for Logan.

  2. Cher

    all that fun stuff to play with! Logan should have hours of fun – how clever.

  3. 1100 quilts! Woohoo! That’s a lot of Joy!
    Logan will love that quilt. He’s just the perfect age to start enjoying a grand farming adventure!

  4. dezertsuz

    That’s really cute, now that I see it. I wasn’t quite picturing the people as you’ve made them, but now I see what you mean. He will no doubt have a great time. I think I would still have had some braids. After all, there ARE two sexes, and neither one of them is uni. LOL

    Facebook says there are 51 genders. Interesting. Of course they mean gender identities, but people are interchanging those terms. A lot of views will change in the next few years, I imagine, so maybe you are preparing Logan for the future.

  5. Wow! What a lot of work! But it looks like fun for a little one šŸ˜Š

  6. anudge

    What a fun quilty present. Better late than never. He’ll love it. I tried to email you to reply to a comment you made, but you are no reply blogger.
    Merry Christmas!

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