Last Lan Su for awhile

The Lan Su Chinese Garden is closing after Thanksgiving for some major repairs to the lake–the lining needs to be replaced and they are creating places for the koi to hide from the herons that pass through for dinner. That pushed me to make a visit before it closed, and the timing led to some spectacular color.

The star red tree–front.

Fall redFrom the back

LS red 1 back

Through the arch

LS red 1 through archWith that little penjing as an accent. I remember the first time I saw one of those miniaturized trees changing with the season. After my surprise, I thought, Of course!

There were other more delicate colors, as well as an exhibit of mums and floral arrangements.

And the most persimmons I’ve seen on the tree. Maybe I should say the most I remember seeing–I didn’t go back and check old photos.

There were indoor floral arrangement demonstrations too, and we watched two. But my photos of their arrangements didn’t turn out. Two very different styles, and fun to see both. And mums everywhere.

And the ritual landboat shot–with persimmons to the left and lotus in the foreground.

LS landboat

The view through the keyhole arch was spectacular too.

LS key hole arch





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5 responses to “Last Lan Su for awhile

  1. As well as the beauty of your composition, the shots give me a lovely sense of nostalgia for the Autumn colours I don’t get here. Our changes of season are denoted by flowers, not leaves; if the poinciana is flowering, it must be Christmas!

  2. Sue

    Portland is such a lovely place, haven’t been there in ages. Your photos are very nice, too, and I hope you will let us see some of the refurbished gardens when that happens. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Cher

    I agree, superior photos! You have captured all the beauty we are enjoying as the season changes and we feel winter closing in. Stunning !

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