F2F Blocks Arrived in France–A PS to Retreat Quilting

I always hold my breath when I mail quilt blocks; moreso, when they go out of the country. So it is always a relief to hear that they arrived.

Lynn’s colors were aqua, gray, and white; gray background. A touch of coral was okay too.

Sunny lanes

12 1/2 x 12 1/2

None of the patterns I wanted to make had small enough areas for “a touch” of coral. Then it occurred to me to use the Flight fabric from Violet Craft’s Waterfront Park. And that gave just enough coral.

Water wheel block

12 1/2x 12 1/2

This water-wheel block is one of my favorites.  And I thought the light dotted fabric made a nice illustion of water splashes. The Domino Dot fabric seemed a good companion; it also came from the Waterfront Park line. My pieces from this line are dwindling.  This block design, when made to tessellate, becomes Indiana Puzzle in the way that quilt block designs and names morph.

And finally, Lady of the Lake (one of three blocks with that name, and apparently the lesser known one).

Lady of the Lake

12 1/2 x 12 1/2

It is a fun block to make and useful because it has a place for small pieces.  I just had to show off that I have learned how to watermark photos.

On another note, I finally got the judges’ comments for my two quilts in NW Quilt Expo. The negative comment for each concerned my corners. I thought I had gotten pretty good at corners, but obviously I have more improvement ahead of me. I guess it matters whether I compare with the awful ones I used to do or a judge compares with an ideal out there somewhere.

You’ve seen the quilts long ago.  Weighty Reflections and a Riley Blake challenge that got a new name, Squares, Circles, and Zig Zags, Oh My! (Links in “finished quilts” lead to blog posts about them.)

Finished quilt

45 x 45

It was deemed successful asymmetry, and I was surprised by the comment that the the variation in print scale adds interest. I hadn’t thought of that, but I guess it does. I’ll have to think of that more in the future. And the variety of quilting patterns were seen as enhancing the design. In a day when so many prefer minimal quilting design so as not to distract from the piecing, I valued that observation. I am not sure how I feel about the comment, “Piecing is done well.” While I”m glad to have technique recognized, it all depends on which judge said it. Was it the only comment one could make? If so it also is a negative comment on design. If it was in addition to a design comment, I’ll be pleased.  There is no way to tell which judge made which comments.

Weighty Reflections, approximately 40 x 60

On this one they approved the graphic design and the straight line quilting. And “Complimentary color scheme is enhanced by the minimalist nature of this quilt.”

After the strong design comments, I should plunge right into that abandoned art quilt I posted about a while back, but I have doll quilts to finish first. And I’ll be working on those corners.


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7 responses to “F2F Blocks Arrived in France–A PS to Retreat Quilting

  1. I try to take negative judge’s comments as advice, rather than criticism. It feels less disappointing that way! I did love your F2F blocks for Lynn, and I’m glad they arrived without a hitch.

  2. farmquilter

    I also have a love/hate relationship with judges’ comments. Yes, I want to hear what I’m doing not-so-good at so I can improve and I want to hear what I did right…but I really want them to be super specific on their comments. The last judge’s comments I got stated I had “ripples” in my binding…duh, they were kid quilts and I expected them to get heavy use, so I put the binding on by machine, so I guess that even with the walking foot they were rippled, but the judge was really specific and I like that – so much better then “you need to work on bindings”. I’m just glad to have a county fair that hires a judge for the quilt show. I’d be thrilled if I got “piecing done well”!! I piece to quilt and would rather put triple the hours into quilting then the piecing!! Guess I need to care a bit more about the piecing! Your quilts are beautiful and in the end, you are the one that needs to be happy with them.

  3. Love how the quilting shows on the bottom picture Claire…really like the quilt too.

  4. Cher

    I love these quilts! i am sure there is always room for improvement from a judge’s point of view, though the positive comment was affirming.

    Hope you finish your doll quilts soon so you can get back to your art quilt or whatever catches your fancy next.

  5. Lots of doll quilts means lots of corners to practice on, right? Enjoy!
    My grandmother was a quilt judge many years ago. She always tried to make her comments as specific and helpful as possible, as she felt her job was to encourage and educate quilters. Vagueness wasn’t going to benefit anybody…

  6. dezertsuz

    Sometimes I think judges just say whatever comes into their little heads, and maybe it doesn’t mean anything. Therefore, you might as well put the very best take on the comments. =) Both quilts are attractive and appealing, and in my book, that’s the best thing of all … corners or no corners. What’s wrong with your corners anyway? I see a lot of corners and they all seem perfectly fine.

  7. I really like the second quilt, it makes me think of kites in the sky.
    Getting your work judged always remains a bit difficult. I’ve no experience with that with any of my creative work, but as a scientist our papers are send out for peer review before they’re published and sometimes you really wonder who read it because comments don’t always make sense or you can’t really do anything with them. It usually means you have to do more work though before it is deemed good enough for publication.

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