Liebster Award

Zippy Quilts tagged me for a Liebster award, a way to introduce bloggers to bloggers. Ironically Zippy Quilts is modern in focus, and though I do modern design, my most recent posts have been scrappy, so I hope new visitors haven’t been too disappointed–or that they have browsed a bit. At any rate go visit Zippy Quilts. I’ll wait.
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Her questions were more interesting than some for the various chain-awards that have been floating around (and the option to make my own appealed), and since  I have not been sewing since the retreat, it seemed a good time to play. Go from Ziippy’s link to Wanda’s Life Sampler link for the whole question list and the “rules” (which have been morphing).

1. What is one thing that you believe with your whole being?

I think it is important to try new things, to strive for something akin to perfection, but to be easy on yourself  if the results disappoint. To take the “oopses” in stride.

2. What have you made lately?

My most recent finish is a scrappy quilt from leaders and enders (and Keepsake samples).

Quilting detail

The blog entry is here if you want details.

My most recent (but not very recent) art quilt from spring


And its blog entry is here.

And my favorite modern quilt.

A queen sized bed playing dress up

Its blog is here with a full shot as well. Quilted by Jolene Knight.

3. What does skimming your recent entries tell you about your quilting habits?

I see that I am easily distracted from major goals by smaller goals. It is easier to do a block of the month than to sit down and work out a design problem. And that charity quilting is very important to me.

4. Are you a cat person or a dog person? Or neither?

If there were to be an animal in my life, it would be a cat. But I enjoy my freedom to up and leave without the detail of pet sitting.

5. Where do you hope to be in 10 years’ time?

This question made me chuckle. Bottom line answer is alive. There is something odd about being 77 and knowing average life expectancy for women is 79 (however, it you make it to 79 it becomes 90 something). Refined answer is alive, well, alert and productive.  I would like to have had a quilts in Quilt National and QuiltCon.

6. What is one thing you wish you were better at?

Free motion quilting with a Domestic Sewing Machine. (And I do practice on those charity quilts.)

7. Why do you blog?

It is both a quilting journal and a means of communication. I love getting into bloggy conversations. A little family, a little local color, a little travelogue, a few book reviews–these round it out as I am more than a quilter. However, I try to keep the balance on quilting.

Now visit some of my friends.

Desert Sky Quilting

Quilt Musings


Visit and enjoy.



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5 responses to “Liebster Award

  1. Congratulations on your award.

  2. Nice Q & A–thanks for playing along! I just love your fave modern quilt. Now I’m off to visited the folks you passed it on to (or to whom you passed it on–Whatever)

  3. dezertsuz

    Thanks for selecting my blog. Maybe it will expand the readership for that message about the missing quilt owners! I love seeing some of my favorites of your quilts again, especially what I think of (because it’s how I think of my own) as Moira’s Challenge. Mine is still waiting for me to finish it. That will be a priority in early 2016, I think. It’s only two years, so yeah, it’s time!

  4. Thanks for the mention, oh fellow cat person!
    And every time you show that leader/ender quilt, I want to drop everything and go start one… 8)

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