Fall Retreat Projects

This weekend was the local guild fall retreat. I’d planned photos of the grounds and workroom, but was busy sewing and kept saying, “Tomorrow.” Today, the last tomorrow, it was raining.  (Here is the link to some official photos–it is a lovely setting.) In spite of all that focus, I brought home four untouched projects and another that was only partially completed.  I knew I was preparing more than I needed, but not that much more. If the projects didn’t have due dates, I’d keep the kits for the next retreat!

Alas if you are tired of the leader-ender 65 blocks. Here is a baby sized quilt top  made from 12 of them.

9-patch cornerstone setting

33 x 33

The original pattern I saw showed one-inch sashing; however, I needed more width, so I thought I’d try this setting. It was a little more fiddly than I was expecting. I’d wondered if it would be too busy; I don’t think so. The blocks are made from leaders and enders; however, the cornerstones were made in a day to get them finished. This will become an infant quilt for Toy and Joy when finished. Yep, it is that time of year again.

I worked on my three F2F blocks, but won’t show them till they make it to France.  They did win me the “International Belle Fabrique” award, however–the awards being a retreat tradition. The retreat leaders must have a great time coming up with the award topics!

Also I’d planned to make 10 doll quilts for the Toy and Joy project. One was already made up except for binding, so I took parts for 9 more. I had a bunch of 3 1/2 solid squares left over from last year’s Urban Chicken quilt. I had to work around the fact that squares came in sets of 4. I devised a 25 square checkerboard with a diagonal setting and used one or two additional squares in a “near” color for the line of five.

There is a fourth, an oops.

the oops

15 x15

When I realized I’d sewn two strips on the wrong side, I pondered the result and decided that it didn’t look bad enough to do any unsewing. The dot fabric was a fat quarter–I think one I had gotten as door prize at a previous retreat; it was enough for two small quilts.

I had some left over fabric from a backing, a Very. Large. Print. I’d ordered it online from a site that didn’t give a sense of scale with their photos, thinking it much smaller. It prompted the new minimal design–as few pieces as possible.

That setting was perfect for the amount left over from other backings. I love that animal-band print! Although once before I’d done some meticulous cutting to feature various instruments and animals, it was difficult given how close the figures were. So it too was a great candidate for this setting.

And finally an  alternating 4-patch setting.

Four-patch setting

24 x 24

This one helped use more of the squares than the strip setting, and I had two coordinating sets, so it could look planned.

Another plan was to finish up a year’s worth of BOMs; I finished three.

Since I was concentrating on time sensitive projects, this one got set aside as soon as November (earth tones) was finished. I pulled it out again at the end when there wasn’t time for another big project.

While it is great to get so much finished, that isn’t the main purpose of a quilt retreat. Meeting new guild members and getting to know others better, swapping stories while sewing–that is what it is about. And did I mention eating. The food was unbelievably good. It has always been good at Tilikum, but was much better this year. The guild plans three retreats a year–I usually make only the fall one.

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10 responses to “Fall Retreat Projects

  1. Cher

    glad you had a fun time and I think you got a lot done!

  2. Wow, you certainly were busy – and you found time to chat and eat in amongst all the stitching! Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with for F2F – a prize-winning result, lots for the rest of us to live up to!

  3. Wow – you accomplished a lot! And had a lot of fun, from the looks of it!

  4. Carol Jordan

    I bought an Accuquilt Go when it first came out and I like it, but if I spent too much time with it, my elbow and hand hurt. So I was thrilled when I heard the Accuquilt Go Big came out. My hubby got it for my b-day/Charistmas gift. I love, love it. I see a block and instantly start thinking how Go Big can help me. enjoy your blog.

  5. What great projects! I really like that baby quilt.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time. I always take far more projects than I can get through. Thanks for sharing all your scrappy goodness this week with Oh Scrap!

  7. dezertsuz

    Looks like a productive retreat, and I always get more quilting than eating done, because I get distracted by all the sewing. Always when I used to get to go to retreats, that is. =) What a great place that looks like, and I truly think those blocks look better with that 9-patch setting than any other I’ve ever seen – good for you!

  8. You got a lot done! The baby quilt is my favorite. You are inspiring me to cut leader/ender blocks and bricks. Happy Halloween!

  9. Hi Claire, I’ve tagged you in the “Liebster Award” blog chain, because I enjoy your blog and think my readers will too. You can read about it here: https://zippyquilts.wordpress.com/ Happy Sunday! Mary

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