One of Three

I left off with 25 blocks finished of a  started 65. If the block interests you, the tutorial is here. I had triangles to cut and blocks to trim–enough to stall anyone who didn’t have a due date. My earlier plan was a twin and a child quilt. Well, plans can change. I decided that two child quilts were more useful than one twin. So I did some math to figure out what I could do. One will have the planned blue sashing. One will have some pieced sashing and be more baby sized. And one top  is finished.

First top

~46 x 62

I do have to find a better way to photograph quilts than draped over my sofa, but oh well . . . The white rectangles don’t stand out that much IRL.  They were WOW, and I think that does something to the camera “eye.’

To make best use of the blocks at hand, I had to use this alternate block setting instead of sashing. The yellow pieces were too big to call scraps, but they were three leftovers that had no further use planned. Yellow provided a good place to use the blocks that had blue that might not work with the blue sashing. The red border was from $3.00/yd remnants at Mill’s End in Reno. Quite a tempting shop! Good thing I don’t live close. And the print, well I broke down and bought new to have something that went well with the rest.

With the Leader and Ender quilt having become a primary project, I still have plenty of L/E potential.

Drawer of squares

And that is just the 1 1/2-inch squares. Some, especially the light fabrics, are still from the old Keepsake sample box. The rest are new additions from my various scrap control days.

New L/E starters

The triangles to the left are left over from making the blocks. Although I was counting, I kept making more because I needed different colors to complete blocks. I’ll not cut any lights to go with them till I know what I want to do with them. Meanwhile I’ve started combining a light (random colors) and a dark blue. From there I can go to  4-patch, 9-patch, or checkerboard, depending on future designs.

Linking with Oh Scrap! today and Leaders and Enders Challenge next month –buttons for each in sidebar.

ETA direct link to tutorial. Twice, beginning and end. And a link for those who want to see the finish, it is here.



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11 responses to “One of Three

  1. Those blocks really shine, and I love that they work with so many different colours. Do you have a washing line you can hang your quilt from to photograph? That’s my favourite spot, given that the Husband is not usually available to hold it up at the exact time I want to take photos!

  2. I love to always have a L/E project going on. I too just sometimes sew squares together not knowing what they will end up being later. Nice quilt. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  3. Hello …wanted to Thank you for visiting my blog from oh scraps!…and for your sweet comment.
    L/E is the only way I sew…I’m a die hard Bonniac.

  4. Very pretty quilt. I always have a leader/ender project going.

  5. I love how your blocks came together with the yellow and red! Thanks for the link to the Leader and Ender project, too. I will have to check that out!

  6. dezertsuz

    Well, that’s just a fun, happy quilt! Some child will be crazy about it, definitely. It looks great. Really, an adult would be happy with it, too!

  7. You did a great job with those blocks. I love the yellow alternate blocks. I too have a box of triangles that threatens to overflow. I guess I’ll have to do something with it … someday lol. ;^)

  8. Love your scrappy blocks and quilt.

  9. Cher

    great quilt top! thanks so much for sharing …

  10. I love the alternating yellow blocks—such a cheerful color. The blocks are very striking too against that background.

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