BOM Blue

It is almost time for the September guild meeting, so my  block of the month (BOM) of “Scrappy Byways” in blue is finished. (Info about the guild BOM is here. BTW, I didn’t win the pool of blocks last month.)

blue block

12 1/2 x 12 1/2

Blue being one of my favorite colors, I had no trouble finding 20 different squares.  I love that the squares range from very old to modern. And that I had enough value variety to get some pattern out of a single color. The center ones photograph as black, but they are really dark navy.

Since I need to make space for working uninterruptedly on a big project and some quilting soon, I had thought of making up all the blocks that I have 20 squares for (all but 4 or 5), but I have to get more white. Maybe by the time I have the white, I’ll have found enough red, pink, pastel to do them all.

Meanwhile, back to the other scrap project (previous post)

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8 responses to “BOM Blue

  1. kthurn

    Great looking block. I love a good scrappy block. Blue used to be my favorite color so my stash has lots of blue and I see some pieces that are the same as yours. Now purple is my favorite color so it’s taking over my stash.

  2. Like you, I have lots of blues, but am shocked to discover a severe shortage of red in my stash. Time for some shopping! I love the visual interest you’ve managed in what is quite a simple block design.

  3. I’ve always been lukewarm to blue, so I was astonished at how much of it I own. If I hadn’t started trying to sort and organize my fabric, I never would have known. (Turns out it’s a good thing – my granddaughter’s favorites are blues and greens, so starting a quilt for her is somewhat easier!)
    Though blue always surprises me with it’s range of tones and shades – as evidenced by your block. It’s a color of deceptive depth…

  4. Well, winning the BOM pool just gives you another UFO anyway!

  5. Love that block! Trying to remember it so I can use it with me RWB precut squares. =)

  6. dezertsuz

    That’s a great scrap block. I’ll have to try that with some of my 4-patch leader-enders.

  7. Oooh…I like this block! What a great scrappy project. I will have to file it away for a future quilt. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  8. Cher

    great looking block..what a range of blue!

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