F2F August Blocks: Red, White, and Blue

As you know from past posts, I’ve been doing scrap control.  And serendipitously it was time for Foot Square Freestyle (F2F) blocks. When I read that Susan’s colors were colors I had already sorted in my scraps, I got even busier at cutting squares. I knew I wanted to do Sunny Lanes and Variable Star again, so when I could I cut the size blocks needed (2 1/2- inch square and 3 1/2-inch square).

Sunny Lanes

Sunny Lanes (The block is really square, but the photo wasn’t)

The pattern is so scrap friendly that it was great fun. I started out thinking one block red squares and blue triangles and another the reverse, but I didn’t have that many usable scraps, so combined them into one. One modern fabric in the batch, Domino Dot from Violet Craft’s Waterfront Park. Most are from the 70s. The red with black flowers and yellow centers that really stand out like dots (lower left) may be older. Or it may be just one of those perennial prints that we used to see over and over. What a change now, the variety in the limited editions that are offered each season!

I had just a small strip of Bridgetown from Waterfront Park and cut my 6 1/2-inch squares so that each had at least one whole bridge in it.  Variable Star, with its large center, just asks for either a big print as this or some piecing as I did last month.

Variable Star

12 1/2 x 12 1/2

I had hoped for eight different reds but had to make do with six. These two blocks are repeats from last month. I don’t think everyone’s color selections will work on these blocks. For example next month’s request is for black and white and an accent color.  That one doesn’t spell “traditional block” in my mind.

In my scraps, I found the center of the next block already assembled. I had to figure a way to get it to 12 inches.

Unnamed block

12 1/2 x 12 1/2

I have no idea why the two sides are not made up of squares–probably I didn’t have enough fabric. Too bad I didn’t write notes or keep a  quilting journal. I’d like to know what I was thinking. I considered various means of framing to enlarge it and finally decided on this tipsy look. But I had forgotten how to do it. So I cut out a piece like the center and various triangles till they fit and made a square.  I think it could be done with any size to make any size block, though one wouldn’t want the center to be disproportionately small and dwarfed by the frame. (I think I’m going to work on it with orphan blocks for doll quilts–if it works you will see them here.)

I’m planning to do a tutorial for the tipsy framing sometime next week. But for now I am packing to go to a quilting retreat at Lake Tahoe. If I can get to a computer, I’ll link to Oh Scrap! (button in the sidebar).

My blocks for last month are here. I’ve added a tag for F2F that will make it easier find them all as the year progresses.

The F2F button in the sidebar leads to the most recent post; Click F2F in the sidebar and look for a gallery hot link. There is one in the August 10 post. Then scroll through the various months. There are already quite a few interesting blocks there.


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9 responses to “F2F August Blocks: Red, White, and Blue

  1. dezertsuz

    Oh, I LOVE them, every single one! It is so great having those same prints I started quilting with so long ago – why doesn’t it seem like that long? 😉 Thank you for these wonderful blocks and a bit of the bridges!

  2. Great blocks! Red, white and blue are colours made for each other, and you’ve done a great job of recycling your scraps.

  3. Your reds, whites and blues really dance and what a great use of your scraps. Love your vintage florals.

  4. Great looking blocks!

  5. Your blocks look like such fun!
    The tipsy framing always looks like it should be simple and logical, then I start to think about the math and decide I need more coffee…

  6. Cher

    very fun blocks! I remember those small calico prints – as we called them…from the 60’s …great use of your scraps!

  7. Oh sure we have to wait for the tipsy block tutorial till you get back from a retreat?!?! Great blocks and have fun at your retreat – Lake Tahoe sounds very nice for a retreat!

  8. Fun To see all your sewing–of scraps that I know and love! You are doing great things with them, for sure. I know I owe you a letter. I think the bad case of bozo-brain I had is starting to get better.

  9. Red, white and blue is one of my loves and you have combined some wonderful fabrics here Claire! Love your blocks – especially that Waterfront Park!

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