Le Challenge: Directions

If I start something early, it will be finished early, right?  Wrong. That was, however, the plan. Oh well, on time is good enough.

When Le Challenge announced this month’s theme of “Directions,” my first thought was “Mariner’s Compass.” Nope, not ready for those points yet. Then I thought of the “London Roads” block. What could be more evocative of “directions” than all those arrows with the implied dead ends and wrong ways? (Earlier, I’d mentioned that this one-way dilemma is common to many cities, not just London.) This is the first time I’ve started a project from the monthly challenge instead of fitting an in-progress project to the theme. So I sketched. And made blocks.

And finally finished the top. In addition to using three versions of “London Roads,” I made mirror images up and down, left and right. That started because I made the QSTs my usual way and ended up with arrows going in two directions. Then I thought, Why not with the others too?

London Roads Top

53 x 75 before quilting

I always do a post-mortem,asking, What could I have done differently?  After doing the light green on the corner blocks so that the arrows would show, I thought a similar treatment in the center blocks would have highlighted those arrows more as well. I had tried green centers and that just looked funny. Next time I might try three colors on the earlier versions, center and “other” quarter of the QST.

But then I saw something different in the “Nancy Page” blocks in the corners. They hadn’t needed the green at all.  The brown made the arrows in her version.  I just was so stuck on the other two earlier patterns that I’d not seen that design detail until I thought harder along the What-was-she-thinking line.

Well, now I have even more direction confusion showing as the round-about can go both ways. I did that on purpose, of course I did. 🙂

And because the fabric doesn’t show up well in the picture of the top, here is a photo of the fabric itself.

Fabric detail

I thought city buildings went well with city streets. Earlier on I’d wondered if the print was too small for 15 x 15 blocks, but in addition the the thematic link, I think it is fins as a contrast to the large block design.

I will, of course, be linking with Le Challenge. Check in with them tomorrow to see what next month’s theme will be.

Friday Night Sew In (FNSI) is coming up; I’ll have to find a new project.  Maybe blocks for F2F.



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6 responses to “Le Challenge: Directions

  1. Great job. I like the way the finish turned out. Doesn’t matter how much was plan and how much was serendipity. It’s all good. =)

  2. Of course you did that on purpose! I’ll back you on that. 8)
    Looking good. Getting dizzy, but looking good!

  3. Cher

    love how this turned out! I hope I get to see it once it is totally done.

  4. Oh Mariners compass , the direction that takes is quilting madness – all those points !! I do love this london road block , haven’t seen it . And it looks great on your stairs

  5. I really like how some arrows are pronounced and some “dead end” pulling my eye in different directions. A success, I’d say! Fun to get your thoughts on it, as you work through the knots in the piecing/thinking process.

  6. Fantastic! The arrows look brilliant! Thanks for linking to le challenge and so amazed you started and finished this in a month 🙂

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