Color Play Again

As I mentioned before, these photos are not art. 🙂 There is no way I can do composition with my camera from a moving train window.  But it was the color–mostly of the high dessert sage, but also grass and olive trees and pinkish ground–wet and dry terrainthat fascinated me, after all.  So I tried, using PlayCrafts’ palette builder 2.1.

Here the green of the wet area blended with the green of the dry area, perhaps because it was natural.  I remember a previous trip where the bright green of irrigated crops clashed. You can see I learned from comments on a previous post that I can add colors and force different colors than the program defaults to. AND I saw the box to click to get the list of Moda fabrics.

I’m happy with those capabilities. However, if I move the dot I lose the color it originally marked. Some I don’t mind losing. Others I do.  I’m thinking I’ll solve that with multiple color selections.  One reason I need to move the dot is that I saw a greater variety of greens and peaches and tans than I have been able to capture. However, on the photo they are so close together that I am getting fabrics for blends instead of varieties. That would be fine if I were doing a landscape.

I don’t plan a landscape, but something abstract. Actually I have no design to go with the colors yet. I don’t even know if I want to emphasize green or peach. So for the time being, off to try other photos, enlargements, and selections of colors.

If all else fails, I’ll work from memory.

Linking with Creative Goodness, where most people have progressed to actual sewing. You might like to explore and get some inspiration of your own.


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3 responses to “Color Play Again

  1. Sue

    I tried taking sunflower fields last summer from the train window, just doesn’t work…it was in Spain.

  2. I enjoy palette builder and have used it for a few designs. Your photo actually is nice, even if from a moving train!

  3. So glad I follow your blog – I never heard of Palette Builder – how cool! Thanks!

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