NW Quilters Show

I was thinking about posting some winners, but why reinvent the wheel.

Enjoy the post from WonkyWorld.

A couple other quilts that caught my attention and my camera.


I can see that weeping willow block in my future, and the wind-blown fir.

Quilt info:

trees--maker info

And a variation on Storm at Sea

storm at sea variation

I am totally intrigued with what changing the values and sizes of segments can do to a traditional pattern. Even after reading it was Storm at Sea, it was hard to see the traditional block.

A detail shot and the identification

storm at sea detail

storm at sea infoOne week old isn’t very archival, but it seems to be the only show I’ve posted about with photos. So linking with Tuesday Archives.



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6 responses to “NW Quilters Show

  1. farmquilter

    These are great quilts! Love all the different trees and what she did with the color values in the Storm at Sea is fabulous!!!

  2. Lovely quilts. As farmquilter said, the use of color and value makes such a interesting change to a traditional pattern. Thanks for sharing!

  3. dezertsuz

    I like them both myself. The green one of trees is very appealing. Having quilted a storm at sea, I could see the block in the second one, but the coloring is really terrific. It has a whole different look to it, doesn’t it? And hand quilted – woohoo!

  4. Cher

    the tree was a favorite of mine as well

  5. me too – that tree one is awesome!

  6. Lovely workmanship in both of these quilts. Thanks for rejuvinating this post at TUesday Archives…even if it is recent. SMILES!

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