A Return to Leisurely Quilting

With the finish of items for the NW Guild show (today and tomorrow at Expo Center in Portland) I have returned to a more comfortable pace on the bunk quilt from postcard print fabric. Back history starts here. I considered aiming for a Friday finish, but that would have disrupted the leisurely approach.

But the start wasn’t comforting.


We all know better than to do this! Normally I watch those flapping sides like a hawk, but obviously my attention wandered here. Luckily I caught it quite early–one advantage of changing threads and frequent quilt repositioning. It took only five minutes to pick it out and requilt the portion involved; it was mostly the yuck factor and self scolding that was annoying.

I have practiced many things with this quilting.

map fabric quilting

Here I was practicing following the lines (as also when I outlined the postcards earlier). I’d pondered what quilting would least disrupt the map print, which is rather subtle, and decided the best bet was to follow some of the roads and train tracks, enough to adequately attach the layers. The safety pin marks where I had pieced batting, so I also wanted to be sure there was a little extra quilting there to reinforce the join.

The line and circles in the peach sashing are meant to suggest the train line with its stops marked on the map fabric.

What is left is the green on two sides of the four patch and the tan border. The green will be the meandering squares that allow cross overs and I am undecided about the tan. Plan A was to repeat the wonky triangle border, but I’m thinking it may need curves. We’ll see.

Linking up with Creative Goodness--come see what others are making. And Oh Scrap! for pieced batting.There are directions there as well as a linky to see what others are doing with scraps.


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5 responses to “A Return to Leisurely Quilting

  1. Very nice! I especially like the pattern you’ve chosen for the border.

  2. dezertsuz

    Definitely interesting quilting, and at least it wasn’t very far you had to pick out. =) You are really coming along with that machine quilting.

  3. Cher

    lovely quilting this far! glad you caught the fold over early. I enjoyed seeing your quilts at the show today…loved how your quilting turned out.

  4. The postcard border is cute! Thanks for sharing your quilt with Oh Scrap! Have fun with your quilting.

  5. Oh, I just did that yesterday… So frustrating!

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