Waiting for Thread

I have quilted all I can with the thread I have.  The thread I ordered, that should have arrived already, has not arrived. At the very latest it should have been scanned at the local post office this morning. It wasn’t. Here’s hoping they simply forgot to scan it and it still arrives today.

Meanwhile, I decided to model the quilt on the bed.

on bed view 1

And a side view

Side view

I try to imagine quilts on beds, and when I design I draw in the mattress dimensions so that I know what will be on top and what will be sides, but I am always a bit surprised when I model it.

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13 responses to “Waiting for Thread

  1. Gorgeous quilt. I love the colours and block choice. I hope your thread arrives soon. I’m waiting for a zip to complete my project and I’m not too good at waiting 🙂

  2. Jennifer @ Glinda Quilts

    Your quilt looks amazing! Naughty Postie for not bringing you more thread! Don’t they know it’s an emergency 🙂

  3. I like the design. That’s a great tip about thinking of the quilt on the bed.

  4. laurachaney83

    How frustrating to be waiting for thread! That’s a great tip about using the mattress dimensions to visualize the overhang.

  5. dezertsuz

    I hope your thread came, or at least comes tomorrow so you can finish. It’s hard to be interrupted, and I know you are on a deadline.

  6. Looks wonderful on the bed! Hope the thread arrives soon.

  7. I made some of these blocks for a virtual bee last year… so nice to see a (nearly) finished project using them! Fingers crossed that your thread arrives soon!

  8. Helen

    The quilt looks great on the bed! Aren’t you glad it’s for you?

  9. Love the color blocking on this – it’s a sweet design.

  10. That’s so frustrating! But your quilt looks wonderful on the bed!

  11. Wonderful quilt! Frustrating to wait for thread. I wait for thread too, to finish a table topper, hope to get it next week.

  12. Cher

    yikes! still waiting….glad you could switch quilts to work on , but how frustrating

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