Cracked Ice Is Ready to Travel

Cracked Ice was finished in November. If you are new to my blog or if you have forgotten, you can catch up here.

I’m excited to tell you it was juried into the AQS Quiltweek, April 22-25 in Paducah, KY.

It has its hanging sleeve.  I almost didn’t look at the directions for the hanging sleeve because “I know how to make those.” Good thing I did. They want it  made just a little bit differently. There is a label with my address, just in case it gets separated from its box (heaven forbid!). The quilt is in plastic just in case it gets wet (Let’s hope not). And all the labels and numbers and index cards are just like the directions say. Not for nothing did I go to grade school and learn to follow directions.

So tomorrow I’ll send it on its merry way. And chew nails and check the tracking info daily till it arrives.

It would be fun to be going too, but back when it was time to make decisions about which shows to attend, I hadn’t even thought about making a quilt to enter anywhere.  On one of those sleepless nights (of which, luckily I have very few) I got the idea. (Designing quilts is more fun than counting sheep.) I checked the time table–I think deadlines were a month or six weeks away, something like that. So I’ll be happy with photos friends take and with seeing it in the book published with quilts in the show.

Just had to link to Show Off Saturday, button on sidebar. Sorry the photo didn’t come through on the link, but you can get there from here


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12 responses to “Cracked Ice Is Ready to Travel

  1. Every journey begins with a single step; congratulations on being accepted into the show, and contributing to the inspiration of those quilters who will see your quilt.

  2. I loved that quilt from the beginning, as you know. Congratulations and keep us posted. It is very exciting.

  3. Congratulations! I looked at the previous post too with the photo of the piece – fantastic!!!

  4. quilt32

    This is wonderful – I looked at the photo, too, to refresh my memory. Good luck.

  5. farmquilter

    Can’t wait to hear how it does in Paducah!!! I love reading what the judges have to say about each quilt…hope you’ll keep us informed!! Good luck – fingers crossed here for you!

  6. Congratulations… and good luck! Will check back to see how you go, Linda

  7. Great professional photo of your quilt – looks like it paid off! Kudos to you for having the guts to enter the show; although, how could you not? It’s a beautiful quilt! Wish I was going to see it in person, too, but I’ll just enjoy the blog pic a while longer!

  8. dezertsuz

    Is it there yet? Is it there yet? =) I’m so excited to know someone who got a quilt into Paducah!

  9. I see now that Paducah isn’t quite yet–so ignore those questions in my note to you tonight. I’m so glad I know someone who got a quilt into Paducah! You must have been quite elated when you got the email! Well done!

  10. What a beautifully designed and executed quilt!

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