Block Lotto Top–Red for February

Back in February I made and sent a pair of red blocks. I used up all my Waterfront Park red except for the bird fabric. I saved it in case I got the blocks back.

Red improv blocksI did win 12 blocks–there were two of us who won–and they arrived yesterday. I didn’t get my block back. But I still had the bird fabric.

I played with the blocks a bit and noticed they were rather dark. I put them up and went to bed.  My subconscious must have played with them while I slept, because I wakened and thought of the bird fabric and how it would lighten the dark blocks. I got them out again.

When I went to cut the borders/sashing I didn’t have as much fabric as I had remembered. Ah but there was blue in the blocks too. And I had the bird fabric in navy.

So this is the top in what we in Sunshine call the Tammy Setting because she popularized it.

Lotto top

40 x 40

I was swapping blocks in and out so fast I forgot to take pictures of the various options. But this is how it ended up. The photo is too dark to see that there are the bright blue cornerstones in each corner–because I didn’t have enough navy.

Once the top was finished and I was moving some stray fabric, what did I find but the rest of the white with red birds. Oh well, I think I like it better with the navy than if all had been light.

I really should be quilting bunk quilts–I did pin and start one.  But it seemed reasonable to stitch this top rather than struggle to put it away such that I’d be able to tell what I was thinking when I got it out. Or is that procrastination?

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5 responses to “Block Lotto Top–Red for February

  1. I do some of my best work while sleeping! *VBG* That bird fabric goes so nicely with those blocks and it is such a cute quilt. I spy one of my blocks there too! So that’s fun!

  2. dezertsuz

    It can be both – multi-purpose works with motivation, too. =) I like the way you changed things. It’s a great little quilt.

  3. That bird print is one of my faves- it goes with everything!

  4. Fun quilt, and a good setting. Now tell me who Tammy is and why do you call it “Sunshine call the Tammy Setting”?

    • Sunshine is a Yahoo group that does charity quilts for Rotary’s Wrap a Smile and Quilts Beyond Borders. Tammy is the woman who runs the Block lotto monthly. When we send pairs, she gets one to make quilts for Sunshine’s charities; the other one goes in a pot.She makes a LOT of quilts. She uses this setting so much we call it hers.

      On Sun, Apr 5, 2015 at 9:07 PM, knitNkwilt wrote:


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