Improv Mystery Clue #5

I see Clue #6 is up, so I need to post #5 so I can go look at #6.

It is laid out and basted; the hand work to be continued.

clue 5 layout

Clue #4 had, besides the three circles, the meaning of the quilt. I’ve chosen to keep that symbolic instead of using words. I may include it in the title or the quilting…we’ll see.

Clue #5 wanted three in three blocks. I’m stretching a bit here. If you can add you will find the 3 in 3. I haven’t seen a place to put the “square(s) in three blocks,” and I might take that one as a suggestion and not do it. We’ll se if an idea comes to me for squares that would add but not intrude.

ETA I see I misread Clue #5. “add a number to three blocks” ; well, I have done that, no problem. No stretching even. Still thinking on the square. I may have to clip the corners off of a square. . . .

Off to read Clue #6.


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3 responses to “Improv Mystery Clue #5

  1. dezertsuz

    Well, I see you are making a well-rounded quilt. (Oh, I crack myself up!) I really like it, though, and you’re maintaining a nice balance. I took mine out and looked at it the other day. After being away from it for most of a year, it was fun to look again and think about some more things to add to it, too.

  2. Cher

    A whole lot of circles! Looking forward to seeing how you grow with # six

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