A Book About Negative Space in Quilting

A while back I had heard of Accentuate the Negative and requested it on interlibrary loan. (I usually check out a book from the library to decide if I need it in my limited space for book collecting–saving space for fabric.) It was a timely arrival and supplements the discussion on my earlier post.

Accentuate the Negative by Trisch PriceAccentuate the Negative by Trisch Price by Trisch Price

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is primarily patterns, 18 of them; someone who designs from patterns would no doubt give a higher rating.

I was interested in the definition of negative space. This book equates it with background. No discussion.

Rather than define, Price classifies uses of negative space: Gradation, reversal, interruption, negative forms, ghosting, and piecing. Having a classification at hand encourages exploring more options when designing. The classification categories are mostly distinct; however, “Reversal” is similar in principle to “negative form.” It seems they are variations of the same concept–differences in number and scale–rather than different categories.A few of the examples do not clearly illustrate the categories. Fibonacci Spirals seems the opposite of what has been described in “Negative form,” and in Savanah Nights and Mod Roses in “Piecing” slip into design rather than the subtle tints or shades of background.

Classification is not the easiest analysis and organization. Price has given us a good start to build upon. And patterns.

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4 responses to “A Book About Negative Space in Quilting

  1. Sounds like a good book. I also check books out of the library before purchasing now that most of my book purchases are made online. I miss being able to browse through a book in a store to see if it lives up to its cover/title.

  2. Cher

    thanks for the review, I read a great blog post (sorry cannot recall whose) on their opinion of that concept as applied to quilts displayed at QuiltCon 2015, It is a great art aspect to explore in our quilts.

  3. quilting book reviews – I like this! I have a crazy collection of crafting books and maybe your reviews will help me be more selective!

  4. What an interesting book! Haven’t started seriously with quilting yet, I had no idea about negative space, haha!

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