A Few More QuiltCon Quilts

Are you tired of QuiltCon posts yet? I’m not tired of reflecting on the show.

I enjoyed Casey York’s lecture on Art History and Modern Quilts. I’m not sure I’ll follow in her footsteps, but I liked thinking about bits that can be abstracted from art earlier than modern. Then it was fun to see in person one of the quilts she had shown in her lecture, Grand Canal.

Grand Canal

Grand Canal

Then as I wandered through the show I saw an example not in the lecture, Luke Haynes’ The American Context #16: Christina’s World.

Christina's World

The American Context #16: Christina’s World

In spite of the clothing change, I recognized Christina immediately. I had to read the description to see that Haynes had  kept the value pattern of the painting in his quilt. (ETA link to Wyeth’s painting.)

Did you read all the comments? I always start out a show reading them. Then it depends on how much time I have and how many quilts there are, whether I continue. I do like to read artist’s reflections on their work. And quilters’ as well.

Sometimes I take a lot of photos, sometimes I don’t even take my camera. I find the presence or absence of camera creates two quite different ways of looking, and I like both. I’m not sure there is a rhyme or reason to the rest of the photos other than the response of the moment.

I especially liked the Spring Cotton Couture Fabric Challenge quilts because when I saw the challenge fabrics, I couldn’t come up with an idea. So it was great to see what others had done. I got only one photo of them: Katherine Easterling’s Mondrian with Munsell’s Values. 

Mondrian with Munsell's Values

Mondrian with Munsell’s Values

I’m not sure I’d have been brave enough to put black with the pastels–but I really liked the effect.

Sometimes it was the quilting I looked at, as in the matchstick above and Linda Theofoldt’s Modern Mojo 2.

Modern Mojo 2

Modern Mojo 2–detail

I doubt I’ll ever get to this level of quilting, but no harm in trying. I did note that not all quilts were so closely quilted–I thought I had some sample photos, but I can’t find them. While I love detailed quilting, there are some designs that ask for less.

Sometimes it was the piecing that caught my attention (whether or not it was in the “Piecing” section): Welcome to Colorful Colorado by Katie Larsen and City Center by Angie Henderson were; Shifting Impressions by Marianne Haak and Chess on the Steps by Krista Hennebury weren’t.

Welcome to Colorful Colorado

Welcome to Colorful Colorado

City Center

City Center

Shifting Impressions

Shifting Impressions

Chess on the Steps

Chess on the Steps

And of course the use of color in all of them drew my attention.

After this post, I think I’ll return to real life and routine programming.


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5 responses to “A Few More QuiltCon Quilts

  1. I, for one, am not tired of hearing about QuiltCon or seeing the pictures! Thank you for pointing out the connection of the Christina’s World quilt with the painting. I had not recognized it. It is fascinating the range of quilts that people create.

  2. Cher

    one of many not able to go..I certainly am not tired of photos…thanks for sharing and your thoughts

  3. dezertsuz

    No, I enjoyed every photo. I think I like the denser quilting when there’s negative space. The quilting becomes part of the design art. In traditional quilts it can, too, but not in the same totalitarian way. I found Christine’s World to be very interesting and yours is the only blog on which I’ve seen it posted.

  4. Oh these Quilt Con posts are awesome. I wish I could have attended. Thanks for sharing photos and reflections!

  5. HI!!! I really love getting to see the photos!!!! Thank You!!!! I find it amazing that there are just so many wonderful quilts!!!!

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