I May Have Cheated on Step 3

I had wanted to finish Step 3 of The Quilted Snail’s mystery quilt before QuiltCon, but it didn’t happen. So I got to it today. AND I managed to refrain from looking at Step 4 before 3 was finished. (For newcomers,  my step 1 here, and step 2 here)

I knew what I wanted to do with the two rectangles that connect two blocks (that is where I may have cheated); I was stumped by the triangles (3 different fabrics on 3 different blocks). But there comes a time to stop pondering, so here it is.

Step 3The rectangles are added to the upper right and the lower right blocks. Yes, I know they look like sashing. But they are rectangles, and they do touch two blocks, so I’ll call them linking. They were to be the other “neutral” than the one used in step 1. Hmmm. I’d used both “neutrals” in step 1. (My “neutrals” are the two shades of teal.) So I put a light where I’d used dark and a dark where I’d used light. Seemed a good solution. It involved unsewing one seam connecting two blocks. But improv involves ripping.

I prefer piecing to applique; that is one reason I’d not yet connected all the blocks as instructed. I ended up “designing” the triangles by checking where I could piece them. Not the most refined way to make design decisions, but I strived for the best possibility within that parameter. I wanted to repeat the purple of the circle and pondered the other two. Finally decided on the reddish batik with aqua splotches in the middle and a repeat of the red batik of the long narrow strip for the top. So I’ve added one new fabric; three to go.  I used stitch-and-flip, then trim to attach each triangle. And if you followed the link above to The Quilted Snail, you know what comes next. This was probably the last gasp of piecing. The smallest circle I could insert is 6-inch diameter, and that seems too large. Applique here I come.

I am still processing QuiltCon and will probably share some thoughts and photos in the next day or so. Overall it was a good experience. As with any show, I really liked about half the quilts and disliked a few. As with any judging, I didn’t always agree.

Traveling always makes me disoriented–just realized today is Wednesday, so linking up with WIP Wed.


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8 responses to “I May Have Cheated on Step 3

  1. It’s looking great! And nope, you didn’t cheat – you just made some great design decisions. =)

  2. I love the triangle additions, especially how the top two could almost be the continuation of one piece of fabric. It will be great to hear about QuiltCon, so I hope you have time to share your thoughts.

  3. You did a wonderful joy! It’s looking very arty. =)

  4. I agree with you about Quiltcon – I was really surprised by some quilts that didn’t get prizes! But whatever; it’s still fun to see them all. My brain still hurts from all the new ideas I got!

  5. This is looking very interesting Claire! Does it get much bigger? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on QuiltCon, Linda

  6. I love this! Yours has come out beautiful. I think this would be fun to try on my own and see what happens. I am bummed we were not able to connect in Auston–and if I walked by you or sat near you at a lecture. We returned last night and think it will take several days to process all my thoughts!
    Your layout of this mystery is wonderful!

  7. Hi!!!! Wow!!!! Very creative!!!!! Great improv!!!!! I really like how different these will look!!!! So happy you went to Quilt Con and I will get to hear about it and see pics!!!!! Most of the pics I have gotten to see were winning quilts!!!!! Hope you get some good rest!!!!!

  8. I’m loving it. I like the colors, and the flow of the shapes. It looks like a fun mystery quilt. Good luck as it evolves.

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